Livegrade Modules

Livegrade and Qtake

QTake Grading Module

The QTake Grading Module for Livegrade Pro and Livegrade Studio enables to control a LOOK effect in QTake directly from Livegrade. Therefore, QTake acts as a signal processing system – similar to a LUT box – controlled by Livegrade products.


  • Looks are updated real-time in QTake.
  • Look metadata (CDL and LUT) is automatically available in QTake.
  • DIT (DP, camera department) and VA operator (script, director, customer) can interactively work together.
  • Multiple, independent slots are supported (depending on available channels in QTake).
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Livegrade and Colorfront

Colorfront Film Module

The Colorfront Film Module for Livegrade Pro and Livegrade Studio adds support for the "Colorfront Film" color pipeline in the AJA FS-HDR device.


  • All controls and options of the Colorfront Film pipeline are available in Livegrade products, e.g.
    • Scene-referred settings for exposure and color temperature
    • Working color space
    • HDR output transforms, including SDR preview on HDR displays
  • Combine the power of look and reference management of Livegrade products with the capabilities of Colorfront's color science.
  • Export of look metadata from Livegrade to Colorfront products and plugins (based on CFE files) for seamless dailies workflows
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Livegrade and Cobalt

Cobalt Module

The Cobalt Module for Livegrade Pro and Livegrade Studio adds support for the 9000 Series / openGear devices by Cobalt Digital. The devices are supported as LUT boxes in Livegrade products.


  • Utilize Cobalt devices for look workflows in feature film productions with Livegrade products.
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Please note: In order to work with the Modules version 5 or higher of Livegrade Pro or Livegrade Studio is required

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