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Making Workflows Productive and Easier over the Entire Process

Powerful software solutions for handling any kind of professional camera format, for creating and managing looks and colors on set, and for processing RAW sequences in a simplified way.

Pomfort realizes high quality products to be affordable to everyone. In the meantime, more than 3,000 customers worldwide have explored the value of Pomfort’s innovative product family.

Desktop Applications

Clever Media Management for Film Productions

Benefit from Silverstack's tuned copy engine and the super-fast checksum technology "xxhash" to get the best performance out of the latest storage hardware. The clearly arranged clip and look library with its comprehensive metadata listings connect film productions with their media and color any time. Customizable shooting day reports as well as transcoding and transfer functionalities help you to prepare footage for dailies and subsequent production steps. The newest version includes an extensive set of color grading features and is able to import looks or look archives from LiveGrade to streamline your media and color workflows.

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The Reference for Professional Look Creation

LiveGrade gives DITs and DOPs a better control of their images and simplifies the color workflow on set and in the dailies process. LiveGrade is used worldwide in all kind of commercial, TV and cinema productions and removes creative and technical limitations commonly associated with color grading workflows and delivers immediate results in less time and under limited budgetary constraints. To cover a wide range of possible workflows in production, LiveGrade offers total freedom to import and export looks in 3D LUT, ASC-CDL, ALE, Alexa Looks and XML file formats.

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Mobile Apps

The Free iOS App for Professional Look Creation

LiveGrade Air is a free iOS App that enables DOPs or DITs to prepare looks for professional film production workflows. The new app gives film professionals greater creative control over their images and allows them to easily communicate colors and ideas to the entire production team.

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Checksum Based Verification of Travel Drives

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Expression-based Timecode Calculation

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These products have reached end-of-life status.

Surprisingly Simple RAW Processing

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