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Supporting all Cameras and Formats

Silverstack imports and handles any kind of camera and media format.

Silverstack offers a flexible way of data handling by supporting any kind of file format - including sound files, photos, any camera media and all other production documents. With Silverstack, all files are copied and managed in the same, secure way, which simplifies the daily tasks for DITs and streamlines subsequent post-production work.

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Powerful And Efficient Tools

Silverstack makes clip and data management easier and faster than ever.

The clearly arranged clip library, playback view, and metadata table provides DITs with quick access to all relevant clip information.

With a variety of intelligent features as well as powerful, wizard-based workflow dialogs, Silverstack efficiently supports users in their daily media-management tasks and offers a comprehensive overview of movie projects at any time.

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Checksum-verified, High-speed Backup to Multiple Destinations

Verified, parallel backup in one single operation speeds up the overall data-transfer performance.

Ingesting source material and creating backups of media from a digital film camera is a repetitive, but responsible task. This process just got a whole lot easier, faster and more secure thanks to Silverstack’s accelerated copy feature. Combining the parallel ability to read, verify and write in one operation and leveraging the full bandwidth of your hardware allows to copy a large amount of files conveniently and securely.

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Advanced clip library, transcoding, QC, and playback capabilities

Special support for Alexa, RED, C300/C500, Sony XAVC (from F5/F55), BMCC, Bolex, Indiecam and Ikonoskop, and more.

For selected cameras, Silverstack provides advanced features that enables native playback of source material and metadata management in its clip library. The practical First Look Transcoding feature allows to easily create QuickTime movies for distributing footage e.g. to web-based production platforms or mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad.

Silverstack includes a comprehensive reporting center

Create customized copy-reports with Silverstack - documenting your entire work.

Silverstack consolidates it's flexible reporting capabilities in a powerful reporting center, providing customized reports for production and post-production. Silverstack provides shooting reports with thumbnails and metadata as well as comprehensive, statistical summaries in well-arranged and beautiful PDF documents. Reports include all the necessary metadata to document camera media travelling to next workflow steps.

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What's new in version 3.4 ?

Advanced support for ARRI Amira, Alexa and Amira Looks, and minor improvements.

  • Advanced ARRI Amira support: Offload, Playback, and Transcode ProRes Clips from the ARRI Amira. Looks set in the camera are automatically applied.

  • Alexa Looks: Applying Alexa Looks to ProRes Alexa clips shot with look enabled.

  • "Unread" jobs: Mark unread jobs automatically as read after entering the jobs view.

  • Improved license migrtion: Added "recent licenses" button to license manager that shows recently used licenses.

  • Reveal in Finder: Adding a reveal in finder button to the file info view.

Silverstack 3.4 is a free update for all existing customers of Silverstack v3.

What's new in version 3.3 ?

Advanced support for ARRIRAW and CinemaDNG as well as the brand new First Look transcoding functionality to convert source material into QuickTime movies.

  • First Look Transcoding: Converts major camera formats to QuickTime ProRes and H.264, configurable resolution and cropping, batch export, background transcoding, multiple formats, multiple destinations.

  • Anamorphic de-squeeze and flip image: Per-clip settings for playback and transcoding.

  • Advanced ARRIRAW support: Real-time ARRIRAW playback, metadata library, thumbnails.

  • Advanced CinemaDNG support: Real-time playback, metadata library, thumbnails for BMCC, Indiecam, Digital Bolex and more.

  • EDL conform: Speeds up the e.g. ARRIRAW conforming processes with help of the clip library.

Silverstack 3.3 is a free update for all existing customers of Silverstack v3.


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