The powerful Look and Color Management Solution

LiveGrade gives full control over the colors from digital film cameras' HD-SDI signals.

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LiveGrade Pro Introduction – What's new in v2?

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Easily Create and Apply Looks

LiveGrade Pro offers unmatched freedom in creating looks in real-time.

LiveGrade is connected between camera and monitor and enables the production team to manipulate the colors of a live HD-SDI image. For professional set environments, the easy-to-use LiveGrade PRO iPhone app offers remote control for selecting and applying looks from the grade library while even being away from the computer.

Exchange Created Looks

Communicate colors on set and with post production facilities.

To cover a wide range of possible color management workflows, LiveGrade offers comprehensive import and export capabilities. All color correction settings can be stored and recalled as desired and may also be exchanged as 3D LUT, ASC-CDL, and Alexa Look files. It is an intuitive and highly-effective way to preview looks on set – the created LUTs can also be a good starting point in post production.

Grade Directly on Files

The new LiveGrade Pro v2 provides more flexibility than ever.

LiveGrade Pro combines the power and flexibility of live image manipulation with the traditional, file-based approach for color grading. With LiveGrade Pro you can now apply, create and modify looks on JPG, TIFF, DPX files, and still frames from QuickTime movies. The look library offers easy ways to create, apply and compare grades from shot to shot.

Variety of Color Options

Specific Grading Modes for ACES, ASC-CDL, and Alexa Looks.

LiveGrade Pro supports different grading modes which are specifically tailored to today’s digital cinema cameras. The Academy's “ACES” grading mode supports an ACESlog workflow including a variety of IDTs and ODTs. “CDL Grade” offers ASC-CDL control for all cameras providing an HD-SDI signal. “Alexa Looks” offers color controls specifically for usage with Log-C HD-SDI signals.

Hardware Choices for Live Grading

LiveGrade supports multiple devices for live manipulation.

LiveGrade Pro unifies the color creation workflow by combining devices like panel controllers from Tangent and Avid, and Blackmagic Design's or Fujifilm's* LUT Box devices. The LiveGrade iOS remote control works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

* Fujifilm requires an additional device license file for use in LiveGrade Pro (per IS-mini device) that can be purchased from within the LiveGrade Pro application.

The entry level grading solution: LiveGrade Basic

The basic version of LiveGrade provides the essential, creative tools for adjusting colors on live images. It supports the HD-Link LUT box family from Blackmagic Design, and supports the ASC-CDL and Alexa Look grading modes. It is ideally suited for professionals who just need to preview and prepare grades in a low cost standard workflow.

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