Surprisingly Simple –
Four Rooms for RAW Processing

ClipHouse is the missing link between
your RAW camera and editing.

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ClipHouse Intro

Pomfort presents ClipHouse ...

... the missing link between your RAW camera and editing. With it, we want to help your work shine by taking out the hassle of RAW shooting. CinemaDNG and MagicLantern RAW are supported.

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Four Rooms are everything you need

Supporting the entire spectrum of RAW processing.

ClipHouse makes the handling of RAW material as simple as possible. The ClipHouse workflow is split into four distinct and easy steps:

  • Copy: Checksum-verified Backup
  • Manage: Native playback and easy clip organization
  • Color: Exposure settings and creative grading on RAW images
  • Export: Creation of ProRes and H.264 movies for editorial


The power of RAW

Leverage the creative possibilities of RAW.

ClipHouse helps you to achieve the look you envisioned. Don't worry about the technical details of RAW and focus on bringing those colours to life. ClipHouse offers the most innovative and intuitive color controls to work creatively with high dynamic range, high resolution images.

Working directly with the RAW footage ensures maximum quality throughout your workflow. Stick to these highest standards by transcoding high quality ProRes movies for editorial.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Solid and proven technology for RAW processing

ClipHouse supports CinemaDNG (based on the DNG RAW format by Adobe) and is compatible with a wide range of cameras:

  • Blackmagic Cinema and Pocket Cinema Camera (BMCC, BMPCC)
  • KineRAW S35 and Mini
  • Digital Bolex D16
  • Ikonoskop A-Cam
  • Indiecam GS2K

…and many others

Also supported is the Magic Lantern RAW format:

  • Various Canon DSLRs (with Magic Lantern firmware)

ClipHouse delivers the highest possible image quality with a fully color-managed pipeline, floating-point precision, high performance GPU processing, state-of-the-art algorithms and color science.

Use Cases

Case Study

Playback after shooting

  • Directly play back footage from camera media
  • Inspect your footage for focus and exposure

Preparation for editoral

  • Create QuickTime files (ProRes, H.264)
  • Transcode including all grading information

Color correction and grading

  • Color correct your RAW footage
  • Adjust exposure, white balance and tint
  • Refine your image with sharpness and contrast
  • Apply a creative look with soft contrast and shadows and highlights tint

Backups on set

  • Copy your footage to multiple destinations simultaneously
  • Constantly keep an eye on what you already copied
  • Manage your clips in a central library

ClipHouse in a television production

Get to know the capabilities and benefits of ClipHouse. The well known German DOP Stefan Schuh (famous for his camera work in the blockbuster “Der Schuh des Manitu”) made his first ClipHouse experiences in the television “Rübezahl”.

See the complete Interview with Stefan Schuh in the PDF document.

Download Article: (PDF, 3.5MB)