Extend Viewing Options with Apple Vision Pro on the Film Set

Extend Viewing Options with Apple Vision Pro on the Film Set

With our fingers firmly on the pulse of cutting-edge technology, we’ve worked on an exciting project for Apple Vision Pro. Apple’s now-available device runs visionOS, a spatial operating system, that comes with a novel user interaction. It seamlessly blends your physical surroundings with digital content into a unique, portable workspace. During the project, we envisioned beneficial use cases in the filmmaking process. How would different roles benefit from bringing Apple Vision Pro to their workflows?

We quickly identified a high potential for new viewing options on the film set. Current setups can entail many energy-robbing drawbacks, such as handling distractions in the shared video village, facing sub-par viewing conditions, or enduring time-consuming relocation of physical monitors.


With our first results, we aim to support filmmakers with dedicated applications to leverage the power of new Apple Vision Pro. Benefit from high-quality screens and controlled, distraction-free viewing environments. Lean back for a theater-like, immersive experience: Any screen size is possible, from 5 inches (~15 cm) to 50 feet (~15m) virtual screen size. Here are some possible use cases we’d like to share with you:

For DPs, DITs (Camera Department)

  • Hands-free, high-res multi-viewfinder
  • Proper monitoring in constricted set situations
  • Judging look and color in a dark or dim viewing environment

For Directors, Playback Operators (Video Department)

  • Personal, private video village
  • Interactive, mobile, hands-free monitoring on set
  • Big-screen monitoring and playback


There might be many more use cases we didn’t think of. We’d love to hear your voices and get the discussion started! Let us know if you want to try out some of the mentioned use cases with your Apple Vision Pro. We can help you set up different viewing scenarios for Apple Vision Pro with pre-release software of our upcoming apps and integrations.

Extend Viewing Options with Apple Vision Pro on the Film Set


Reeltime Cinema is a companion app for our upcoming on-set playback system, Reeltime Pro (in public beta), and it already enables high-quality, mobile, and customizable monitoring options with Apple Vision Pro.

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