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Silverstack Lab offers unmatched capabilities for critical data management and dailies creation, streamlining workflows and bridging the gap from set to post.
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Silverstack Lab v8.8: Now supporting ProRes RAW format and more! See what’s new

What Is Silverstack Lab?

Discover the secure process of creating and distributing dailies through fast and transparent workflows.

Silverstack Lab is the standard software for mission-critical data management and dailies creation tasks for any film production, as part of the camera department, in near-set scenarios, or in digital lab and post-production facilities.

At the heart of Silverstack Lab is the clip library where all created media files are registered and their metadata is collected, structured, and tracked.

The clip library provides the foundation for a transparent, semi-automated, and fully managed flow of media assets. It ensures that team members easily get their look-matched and audio-synced deliverables on target for review.

Silverstack Lab utilizes the latest Apple silicon technologies to realize high-quality dailies output and fast transcoding speeds, making it an ideal solution for professionals working in the movie industry.

  • Customized dailies creation with support for frame lines, metadata burn-ins, watermarks, and all common output formats to meet your specific requirements. Benefit from automated look-matching and audio-syncing processes.
  • Always get an accurate, up-to-date metadata library, tracking all shots and received footage, created backups and transcodes, as well as ongoing or completed transfers. Bringing all the pieces of your workflow into a unified environment is key to project success.
  • Have greater control for all standard RAW camera files in one software, enabling native playback and transcoding for delivery in codecs required in editing systems and dailies.
  • Improve the overall transparency of project data for your team, so that anyone can access all up-to-date information about created assets either in the software or via a connected cloud system.
  • Get the most out of Apple silicon and the power of its Metal API, allowing breathtaking performance. Playback high-resolution and deliver your dailies in no time.


Create the foundation for higher production value by enhancing visibility and collaboration between you and your team.

Dailies Anywhere

For those responsible for footage in-house and on-set, Silverstack Lab is how professionals get more done.

Superior Integrations

Silverstack Lab integrates with all professional editing programs and many dailies web platforms.

Automated Look and Audio Match Function

Prepare Footage for Transcoding.

Syncing looks and audio is essential to transport creative intent from set to post. Silverstack Lab’s built-in syncing wizard uses timecode to automatically detect and match corresponding audio and video clips. Imported looks are matched the same way and automatically applied to the video clip, making the dailies preparation faster and easier than ever.

Automated Audio Sync and Look Matching
High Performance transcoding engine for dailies creation

High Performance transcoding engine for dailies creation

Utilize all the power of your machine.

Delivering dailies quickly without compromises in quality is essential to keeping the film production on track. Silverstack Lab speeds up this process of offloading the camera footage, recording the metadata, and configuring dailies. Simultaneously transcode clips to various resolutions and output formats like AVID DNxHD/DNxHR, ProRes, and H.264/H.265 (HEVC). Whether you're working on one machine, or multiple throughout the production, having immediate access to transcoding presets significantly simplifies the dailies workflow in a complex shooting environment.

Silverstack Lab is the all-in-one dailies lab solution. With the ability to sync sound, bring in looks and CDLs, the sophisticated transcoding presets, QCing, and reporting, it serves as a natural connection point between editorial and set.

Jordan Maltby

Various transcoding configurations

Configure Dailies to Yours and the Production’s Needs.

Each production may have different requirements when it comes to configuring dailies on set. With Silverstack Lab, DITs benefit from frame lines, dynamic metadata burn-ins, watermarks, and additional settings like different resolutions, containers, codecs, and custom bit rates. No matter what your production needs, the transcoding configurations and presets give DITs confidence that dailies are always aligned with production requirements.

Various transcoding configurations
Keep Everything Organized in Silverstack’s Central Library

Keep Everything Organized in Silverstack’s Central Library

All Your Media in One Place.

Silverstack Lab’s comprehensive library automatically stores all clip, look, and audio information when it receives footage from the camera. It also tracks and logs all essential dailies information once transcodes are created. Having all media assets in one place makes it easier and faster to manage your dailies creation process and ensure your results can always be delivered properly and on time.

Sync Your Workflow to the Cloud

Sync multiple clip libraries via ShotHub to distribute tasks smarter and more efficiently. Use the synced information to transcode dailies while offloading and backing up files on another machine!

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Customer story

Production Insight: Cyrano

I realized that I, together with all my tools, was important for these people on set. Livegrade Pro, Silverstack Lab, and the whole hardware helped me to help everybody.
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Built-in Third-Party Integrations

The Perfect Fit for your Workflow.

  • Silverstack Lab Works Well With Others
  • Silverstack Lab Works Well With Others

Silverstack Lab lets you transfer metadata directly to all common editing programs, such as Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve.

Its superior integration with popular dailies platforms, such as, COPRA, Drylab, and lets you directly transfer clips and extensive metadata information.

This enables a powerful dailies workflow that combines high-speed transcoding in Silverstack Lab with metadata availability in the dailies web platforms.

Silverstack Lab also integrates with the messaging app Slack. Notifications on essential jobs are sent to a selected Slack channel keeping yourself and others up to date.

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