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Silverstack Lab v 7.2 available: Look Matching via ShotHub and Extended Color Grading. See what's new…

Benefit from Silverstack Lab

High Speed Dailies Creation with All the Configurations You Require.

Silverstack Lab is a highly professional dailies software, that perfectly adjusts to your needs.

Silverstack Lab lets you prepare your dailies with automated audio sync and look matching functionalities. It offers various options to configure dailies to your specific requirements, such as frame line and metadata burn-ins, watermarks, and all common output formats.

The software comes with a high performance transcoding engine, that supports the parallel creation of AVID DNxHD/DNxHR, ProRes, and H.264/H.265 (HEVC) files in multiple resolutions at the same time. This way the dailies creation process becomes extremely fast and reaches a new level of productivity.

Dailies Creation Overview Video

Video: Silverstack Lab Introduction

Get an introduction to Silverstack Lab.

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Dailies Anywhere

No matter if you create dailies directly on set or in post production: Silverstack Lab enables a seamless process – anywhere, any time.

Superior Integrations

Silverstack Lab integrates with all professional editing programs and many dailies web platforms.

Choose Your Workflow

Silverstack Lab includes all the data management features of Silverstack and XT, which seamlessly integrate with the dailies functionalities.

Automated Audio Sync and Look Matching

Automated Audio Sync and Look Matching

Prepare Footage for Transcoding.

Conveniently prepare footage for transcoding with Silverstack Lab’s fully automated audio sync and look matching functionality. When loading external audio files into Silverstack Lab, the built-in syncing wizard detects corresponding audio and video clips based on timecode, and automatically syncs them.

Imported looks are matched the same way via timecode, and are automatically applied to the video clips.

Different Requirements Demand for Various Transcoding Configurations

Configure Dailies to Yours and Production's Needs.

Silverstack Lab provides a variety of options to configure your dailies. This includes custom frame lines, dynamic metadata burn-ins and watermarks, as well as various format settings, such as different resolutions, containers, codecs, and custom bit rates. The various transcoding configurations in Silverstack Lab give you full confidence to always be aligned with production’s requirements.

Different Requirements Demand for Various Transcoding Configurations
Syncing audio based on timecode in Silverstack Lab is so easy, it didn’t take a long time for me to match video and sound from a whole shooting day.

Christiaan van der Knoop, DIT

Fast, Hybrid CPU / GPU-Based Transcoding Engine

Utilize All the Power of Your Machine.

fast hybrid transcoding

Silverstack Lab comes with a high performance transcoding engine that enables you to deliver content timely, on demand and with no compromises in quality. Additionally, you can reduce the amount of repetitive work, as Silverstack Lab lets you transcode clips simultaneously to various resolutions

and to all required output formats like AVID DNxHD/DNxHR, ProRes, and H.264/H.265(HEVC). Silverstack Lab includes all the power and capabilities you need to rapidly transcode clips for editing systems, web platforms, and storage archives.

Whether it’s for a small one camera job, a three camera commercial, or a five camera stage show, I can always count on Silverstack Lab to help me carry everything through from set to post.

Ryan Nguyen, DIT
All Your Media in One Place

All Your Media in One Place

Keep Everything Together in Silverstack Lab’s Central Library.

Whenever media is ingested from the camera to Silverstack Lab, the software automatically stores all clip, look and audio information in its central library. When transcodes are created the library also tracks and logs all essential dailies information.

Having all media assets in one place makes it easier and faster to manage your dailies creation process, and makes sure your results can always be delivered in time and on target.

Customer story

Syncing sound with video based on timecode is so easy, it didn’t take a long time for me to sync video and sound from a whole shooting day.

An “Extraordinary Summer With Silverstack Lab” for DIT Christiaan van der Knoop

Working for film productions from two different countries can be an exciting experience for everyone involved. For Christiaan van der Knoop this was the case when he worked as DIT on the award-winning Dutch / German co-production “My Extraordinary Summer with Tess”, on which he handled on-set dailies creation with Silverstack Lab.

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Silverstack Lab Works Well With Others

Benefit from Various Third-Party Integrations.

  • Silverstack Lab Works Well With Others
  • Silverstack Lab Works Well With Others

Silverstack Lab lets you transfer metadata directly to all common editing programs, such as Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve.

Its superior integration with popular dailies platforms, such as ARRI Webgate, COPRA, and Drylab, furthermore lets you directly transfer clips and extensive metadata information.

This enables a powerful dailies workflow, that combines high-speed transcoding in Silverstack Lab with metadata availability in the dailies web platforms.

Take Advantage of Your Camera and Look Metadata in the Cloud

Instant and remote access to your clip information and look metadata from both on-set applications Silverstack and Livegrade - anytime, from any location, and with any device.

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Livegrade Pro and Silverstack Lab Work Hand in Hand

Benefit From On-Set Looks in Dailies Creation

Silverstack Lab and Livegrade Pro are the seamless solution for creating color corrected dailies right at the film set. Create and manipulate looks on set with Livegrade Pro. Import all looks to Silverstack Lab, where they can be matched with corresponding video clips and used for transcoding. Creating dailies that have looks from the film set applied leads to better looking images that are available almost instantly after shooting ends.

Get to Know Livegrade Pro

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