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Get the most trusted software on the market to handle offloads and backups that integrates well with your overall on-set data management process— enabling more efficient and transparent workflows.
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Silverstack XT v8.8: Now supporting ProRes RAW format and more! See what’s new

What is Silverstack XT?

In professional film productions, Silverstack XT is the industry-standard software for secure camera backups and structured media asset management.

  • Camera departments worldwide rely on Silverstack XT to secure data, preview source material, and automatically extract clip metadata into a central metadata library.
  • Silverstack XT offers a range of reporting options to document a day’s work or share production information with other production and post-production departments.

Streamlined Data

Stay on top of all data management tasks even when shooting runs into turbulence. Silverstack XT assists you with a well-structured layout and high performance speed to handle multiple jobs in parallel and accomplish tasks efficiently. 

Complete Format Support

RAW, 8K, or compressed— Silverstack XT offers support for all major camera formats. As a staple of your setup, rest assured knowing that your software can handle the camera no matter what, giving you the freedom to focus on important workflow decisions when preparing for your next project.

Tailored to your responsibility

Handling production data requires a high level of responsibility as well as specialized skills and tools. Silverstack XT is specifically designed for Digital Imaging Technicians and their needs on set.

Maximum Control over Shooting Data

Copy and Backup Your Data Securely.

Silverstack XT copies material using common and up-to-date checksum methods, ensuring that footage is offloaded from cameras and backed up to multiple destinations in a highly secure way. With Silverstack XT's cascading copy function, you are even able to back up your footage to the fastest medium first before a second copy process is automatically started to the remaining drives - all while the same level of safety is retained.

Maximum Control over Shooting Data
  • "Best data management tool known to data wranglers and DITs alike."

    Ruan Stewart, South Africa

  • "Now D.I.T’s can rely on a software that ensures their credibility and performance."

    Firas Hallak, Lebanon

  • "It feels great to start 20 backup jobs and know this massive data is handled with care and responsibility!"

    Stephan Schneider, Germany

Comprehensive Clip Library

Comprehensive Clip Library

Manage data transparently in one place.

Silverstack XT automatically stores and structures all offloaded and ingested data in its comprehensive clip library. This library is the solid foundation for a clearly arranged and transparent data management workflow. Having all digital assets organized in one place makes it easy to find, trace, and mobilize all required clip, audio, and look information.

From reviewing specific clip details to browsing through dynamic metadata across clips, managing overall project data, or handling more complex demands, such as merging separate libraries of a project into one, Silverstack XT provides for all of it.

Customer story


I love the various DIT reports options available in Silverstack XT; it allowed me to create detailed reports tailored for the production, assistant editors, and post-production teams respectively.
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Comprehensive Collaboration

Document and share production information.

Silverstack XT comes with many professional report templates, allowing you to properly document and share your day’s work. This entails Shooting Day reports, Clips reports, Thumbnail reports, and Volume reports. With extensive customizability, they can be easily tailored to the specific requirements of your current production. Moreover, Silverstack XT seamlessly integrates with all common editing applications (e.g., DaVinci Resolve, AVID Media Composer, and Adobe Premiere), enabling a smooth transfer of assets for further review and processing.

Silverstack XT helps you to contribute to subsequent production steps in many ways, from exporting reports designed to be human-readable to generating specific transfer formats like an ALE file for Avid Media Composer directly from your desktop application.

Comprehensive Collaboration
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Benefit From Cloud-Powered Library Sync Across Units

Working with multiple units? Sync each unit’s local Silverstack XT clip library via Pomfort’s cloud service ShotHub to drastically accelerate your data handling.

Multiple Silverstack XT units can offload and perform jobs in parallel, while all connected libraries get updated automatically, bi-directionally, and in real-time. The result: Seamless collaboration and complete data transparency across locations.

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Comprehensive Clip Library

On-set quality check

Play back and inspect clips to detect image errors.

Silverstack XT lets you spot image errors directly on set, which prevents costly surprises in post-production. You can play back your clips natively in different resolutions (including high-res playback on SDI monitors) and use common JKL controls to scrub through your clips. With Silverstack XT’s visual controls, you can further check clipping, focus, and exposure. For proper documentation, simply annotate your QC findings in your library, so all clip information stays in one place.

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