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Benefit from Silverstack

Superfast and simultaneous – automatically backup, structure and manage your movie data with highest efficiency.

Silverstack is the most comprehensive software for securely backing up footage and ingesting data in a fast, organized, and transparent way. Either on set, near set or in post production environments Silverstack lets you instantly secure data, preview source material, and create all kinds of reports based on one central metadata library.

The professional handling of digital media assets with the right set of powerful and innovative features gives you and your team maximum confidence to cover production critical tasks with greatest control and care.

Unrivaled Data Processing

Silverstack delivers top performance in terms of copy and verification speed, and simultaneously extracts all file metadata for building a valuable clip library.

Camera Formats

RAW, 8K or compressed - Silverstack offers support for all major camera formats and even can link the specific audio and look information to the corresponding clips.


The ability to customise and share project metadata enables teams to complete all aspects of every production more quickly, while reducing manual rework.

Customer story

Say we need to match a shot from five episodes ago (...). I can search for all required information quickly and easily. This is a must when shooting an entire season of television.

DIT Noah Richoz: On-Set Data Management and Looks for "The 100"

With its hit show The 100, CW network has set new standards for post-apocalyptic TV shows.It’s got a ‘harsh’ look that’s kept throughout the show. Someone who knows the look of the show best is Noah Richoz, DIT on the show since season two. In a recent interview with us he explains why Silverstack XT and LiveGrade Pro were his go-to options for this production, and how on-set looks enhance the distinct style of the show.

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Maximum Control over Shooting Data

Source material is a highly valuable asset on set. In order to securely manage and control this material, Silverstack introduces a clearly structured process for handling source material throughout production.

Copy and Backup Your Data Securely.

Silverstack copies material using common and up to date checksum methods, making sure that footage is offloaded from cameras and backed up to multiple destinations in a highly secure way. With Silverstack’s cascading copy function, you can even backup your footage to the fastest medium first, before a second copy process is automatically started to the remaining drives - all while the same level of safety is retained.

Copy and Backup Your Data Securely
  • "Best data management tool known to data wranglers and DITs alike."

    Ruan Stewart, South Africa

  • "Now D.I.T’s can rely on a software that ensures their credibility and performance."

    Firas Hallak, Lebanon

  • "It feels great to start 20 backup jobs and know this massive data is handled with care and responsibility!"

    Stephan Schneider, Germany

Manage Data Transparently in One Place

Manage Data Transparently in One Place.

Silverstack automatically stores and structures all offloaded and ingested data in its central clip library. This library is the solid foundation for a clearly arranged and transparent data management workflow. Having all digital assets organized in one place makes it easy to find, trace and mobilize all required clip, audio, and look information.

Take Advantage of Your Camera and Look Metadata in the Cloud

Instant and remote access to your clip information and look metadata from both on-set applications Silverstack and Livegrade - anytime, from any location, and with any device.

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Extensive Reporting Capabilities

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

Summarise All Media Related Information and Share It with Your Team.

Documenting and sharing the results of all data management activities represents an important part of your professional every-day responsibility. With Silverstack you can generate a variety of report types such as shooting day reports, clip reports, thumbnail reports, or volume reports. With just a few clicks, easily tailor and customize the report to the specific requirements of your production.

Improved Collaboration on Set and Beyond

Easily Transfer Digital Assets and Share Information with Your Team.

Silverstack offers all the flexibility you need for your specific production workflows. The powerful integration with all common third-party tools like DaVinci Resolve, AVID Media Composer and Adobe Premiere enables a seamless transfer of data and color for further review and processing. In addition, the opportunity to generate customizable clip reports with just a few clicks gives the entire production team a quick and detailed overview about all relevant production data.

Improved Collaboration on Set and Beyond

Hear it from Our Customers

Fortunately I could just look up the job in Silverstack [...] in less than 5 minutes I had complete answers and the info allowed my client to locate the files on their server.

"Recently a high profile client reached out to me as they couldn't find some files from interviews done with A-List movie stars for promotional materials that I had produced for them six months prior. It was a straight forward roadhouse job and the client left with all the media. I did keep a safety copy but was on location and wouldn't have access to it for about a week. Fortunately I could just look up the job in Silverstack and confirm that the files had indeed been transferred and could identify the drives and folders for my client along with all the other specifics.

I fully admit my initial reaction to the question was self doubt, but in less than 5 minutes I had complete answers and the info allowed my client to locate the files on their server. I am not a DIT by trade but use Silverstack to transfer all of my footage for productions that I produce. The cost is far out weighed by the peace of mind. Case and point."

Allan Schwartzenberger, Producer

On-set Quality Check of Source Material

Playback and Inspect Clips Natively to Detect Image Errors Instantly.

Silverstack enables you to detect image errors directly on set, which prevents costly surprises in post production. Playback your clips natively in different resolutions. Use the typical JKL keyboard shortcut controls to navigate through the clips. Monitor the image via HD-SDI (Silverstack XT only) to ensure that all material meets your quality expectations. Furthermore, check clipping, focus and exposure with Silverstack’s visual controls, and use Silverstack’s look management functionality for applying and adjusting colors.

On-set Quality Check of Source Material
  • Yesterday poster

  • Mission: Impossible – Fallout poster

  • Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle poster

Made with Silverstack

Customers worldwide rely on Pomfort’s cutting-edge technology.

The most valuable proof of Silverstack's performance are our customers' projects.

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Livegrade Pro and Silverstack Work Hand in Hand

Bring Color to the Film Set with Livegrade Pro

Livegrade Pro lets you create and manipulate looks right at the film set. All looks from Livegrade Pro can be imported in Silverstack and matched automatically with corresponding video clips, ensuring a high level of creative control all the way from set to post production.

Get to Know Livegrade Pro

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