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ShotHub works for your single project, as well as for multiple projects and teams. ShotHub gives freelancers and businesses the power to see and understand instantly – and decide and act directly. Get production data from ShotHub where it needs to be in real-time for better decisions and efficiency.

Active projects: Active projects are the projects you are actively using from the desktop applications Silverstack and Livegrade. You can archive projects to free up the number of active projects.
Archived projects: Archived projects are available in read-only mode, but still accessible to all project members from the ShotHub web application.
Additional projects: You can add additional projects to your plan to increase the number of available active projects in your plan.
Invited viewers / p.: Invited viewers can view ShotHub projects and export project reports from the ShotHub web application.
Invited contributors / p.: Invited contributors have full viewer rights and the ability to upload metadata from the desktop applications Livegrade and Silverstack.
Look matching option: Look matching enables a seamless link from look creation in Livegrade to look matching and dailies creation in Silverstack Lab via ShotHub.
Library sync option: The Library sync option allows synchronizing clip libraries of different local Silverstack applications via one ShotHub cloud project.


 No Credit Card Required

Basic Functionalities
Free Forever

Active projects: 1
Archived projects:: 1
Additional projects:
Invited viewers / p.: 1
Invited contributors / p.:
Look matching option:
Library sync option:


23 EUR monthly
229 EUR yearly

Great for Solo
Working Freelancers

Active projects: 2
Archived projects:
Additional projects:
Invited viewers / p.: 3
Invited contributors / p.: 2
Look matching option:
Library sync option:


119 EUR monthly

For Medium-Sized and
Larger Businesses

Active projects: 2
Archived projects:
Additional projects: 45 EUR
Invited viewers / p.: 50
Invited contributors / p.: 5
Look matching option:
Library sync option:

* Compared to Monthly Rate

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How Does It Work?

Projects and Plans

The Pomfort ShotHub plans are based on projects. The Free plan allows you to use ShotHub for one active project (including both desktop applications Silverstack and Livegrade) with limited features. The Pro plan extends that to a pair of active projects, full features, and an unlimited project archive. With the Team plan, you can invite a large team to your projects and extend your subscription to host as many active projects as you need.

Customized Solutions

Don’t see the right plan for you? We offer customized solutions.
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Share your ShotHub project

Inviting users to a project enables access to your cloud project for users without their own plan. Invited users or contributors only require to have an active Pomfort account.