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What is Reeltime Viewer?

Reeltime Viewer is a free companion app for Pomfort’s professional on-set playback system, Reeltime Pro. Designed for Apple iPadOS/iOS, it transforms every iPad or iPhone wielded by your crew into a personal monitor. Tap anywhere on set into the live video of the digital film cameras or playback sent by the playback operator. We bring you as close to live as possible, using cutting-edge technologies for very low latency streaming! Reeltime Viewer is your most accessible gateway to check what’s in the frame, review clips immediately, and collaborate with ease.

How Reeltime Viewer works for Crew

Your portable video sidekick on set.

The Reeltime Viewer app gives all crew with iOS devices direct access to low-latency streams via a local network on or near set. With a few fingertips connect your mobile device and transform it into your personal monitor. Choose from different streams provided by the playback operator to be ready for instant action and decision-making within the team.

  • Reliable Monitoring: Never lag behind with Reeltime Viewer, thanks to cutting-edge technologies! Experience low-latency and reliable video streams of the digital cameras live images and playback curated by the playback operator.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: Diverse responsibilities, diverse needs. Whether you are content with a clean camera feed or require additional details like slate information, receive individually relevant information only. Video playback operators are able to set up different output views in Reeltime Pro tailored to your needs.
How Reeltime Viewer works for Crew
How it works for playback operators

How it works for playback operators

Back your team in working together.

Filmmaking is a cross-departmental challenge; everyone on set desires a glimpse of the frame to thrive in their jobs. Providing dedicated low-latency streams to the different departments via a local network minimizes replay requests on your list and fosters a quieter environment in the typically bustling video village.

  • Customizability: Focus on what your team needs. Configure streams and create tailored output views within Reeltime Pro, including different layouts, crops, filters, or metadata to meet the individual demands of various roles on set.
  • Network Streams: Reeltime Viewer receives live video and playback streams from Reeltime Pro via the on-set network using industry-standard encryption. A custom streaming protocol optimized for local wireless networks ensures very low latency and high reliability for optimal live viewing.
  • Security: Effortlessly meet security requirements in alignment with your production's policy by incorporating watermarks into streams or turning off screenshot functionality.


How to set up Reeltime Viewer on iPad and iPhone!

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Transform Your Mobile Device Into a Monitor.
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