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  • "You are so phenomenal! Sound guy gave me the card and forgot to format old project in the morning so i had multiple matches, but i was able to fix it with ease!"

    Stephan Schneider, Germany

  • "It’s my first time using your product. And I just wanted to say that I love it."

    Jelle Helwig, Netherlands

  • "No chance of working without Silverstack anymore, it is truly a gem!"

    Dustin Raysik, US

Check the Quality of Source Material

Save time and minimize costly surprises directly on set.

Checking source material for quality and errors is an essential task - the closer at the film set the more valuable to the production in case of problems. Playback source material with up to a 10-bit color depth via HD-SDI with Silverstack XT.

Judge the quality of your clips directly when offloaded from camera cards: Check clipping, focus and exposure as well as compression artifacts. Verify audio and color and benefit from useful features like overlay frame lines. You can annotate, comment, and add the results of the quality check directly to your clip library even down to single frames (with cue points) if necessary.

Having all annotations and metadata in Silverstack's Library at any time is one of the key benefits of working with Silverstack. Silverstack's Library keeps track of all essential details of your work and prepares you for any questions from clients concerning files, media, and color.

Backup and Organize Footage on Set

Create and manage backup volumes and travel drives.

It’s the DIT who is responsible for data backups of all material that gets recorded in cameras and recorders. He makes sure that source files reach the editor or post production completely, consistently and correctly.

Silverstack allows to copy files to multiple destinations (such as SSD drives, external RAIDs, or LTO) - simultaneously at the maximum possible speed. All files are verified by using established checksum algorithms such as MD5, SHA-1, or xxHash. Thus Silverstack's copy processes can make sure that media backups are exact copies of the originals.

A chief benefit of working with Silverstack is the ability to work with multiple file formats within the same project. With Silverstack you are able to cover a variety of camera types with one robust workflow for all media management activities on set.

Create Customized Copy Reports

Add comprehensive clip reports to drives for editorial, production or post.

At the end of a shooting day, production and editorial needs to see a comprehensive summary of the material which has been shot and properly copied. And every film production and post-production house has different standards and requirements for these daily reports.

Silverstack lets you create and customize summary reports for volumes, clip lists, reports disk, and media card usage including color metadata. You can choose from several preset report categories or you can assemble your reports individually.

With Silverstack you are ready to tailor reports to the individual requirements of a film production. Put a personal touch to reports with your custom logo and project information. Reports do not only document the results of your work, but represent your professional, every-day responsibility.

EDL Conform with Silverstack XT

Consolidate footage in an automated way.

Out of your entire source material partially stored on different hard disks, you need to send specific clips e.g. to editorial. Instead of shipping multiple hard drives or searching the required clips manually, you can automatically collect the needed clips by using the EDL import feature in Silverstack.

Silverstack XT matches the timecode of the EDL with the timecode of the source material and automatically creates a new bin, where all clips are shown - referenced with in and out points to the EDL. Now all corresponding files can be easily copied to one destination.

Silverstack’s EDL import functionality tremendously helps production teams to handle and to control the increasing amount of media data. Both compressed footage as well as RAW sequences can now be consolidated in an automated and accelerated process.

Verify Copy and Backup Processes

Use Pomfort SealVerify and make sure that clips are consistent at anytime.

During the production process, media files as well as other related files are usually copied multiple times and shipped to different facilities. In all production steps it is essential to know that every file and every structure of a folder is an exact copy of the source material.

Silverstack offers a drive sealing functionality that bases on the Media Hash List (MHL) checksum technology and ensures completeness and consistency of data. The seal stores a map of all original file information on the drive. Changes can be detected at any stage.

Benefit from Pomfort's free and platform-independent tool Pomfort SealVerify: Using this tool, with the click of one button, you can easily make sure that the files and the structures of the folders are still consistent.

Transcode and Distribute Source Material

Speed up the dailies process.

Usually, members of the production team expect to see images right after the shooting for getting a first impression of the quality. Making clips including color accessible to them quickly, you need to distribute the requested clips directly to mobile devices or computers.

Silverstack enables the transcoding of source material of all major cameras with audio and look embedded into formats supported by common mobile devices and standard movie players of PCs or Macs. New export features enable transfer of clip and look metadate to dailies tools like DaVinci Resolve

It is a great value add for your production team that you easily can find and filter all requested material in Silverstack’s library and that the transcoding wizard lets you directly convert this clips to required formats even in adjustable resolutions and sizes. This definitely accelerates the review process.

Offload Data with the Cascading Copy Mode

Free your media storage and backup your files as fast as possible.

The amount of digital source material is growing rapidly due to the demands for more data intensive camera formats. This means that spendings for camera media storage like magazines and other cards increase constantly.

The cascading copy feature in Silverstack v4 frees up rare storage space much faster by offloading the camera media first to a very fast destination like e.g. RAIDs and from there to slower backup disks in a single job. Once the first step is completed, the camera media can be unmounted and is ready to be used again while the second copy step is being performed.

Silverstack’s cascading copy feature reduces the cost for media storage. It helps to free media storage space fast and yet in a secure way as there is no need anymore to wait until the copy process to the slowest destination has been finished. Camera storage cards are available promptly back in the production circle.

Share, Distribute and Merge Clip Information

Transfer and merge several Silverstack libraries.

Within film productions content creators frequently need to share clips during the creation and production process. On or near set and in postproduction houses it may become necessary to transfer all clip information between several Silverstack work stations for having all metadata available at one central ingest station.

Silverstack XT provides an easy and secure way to exchange all metadata libraries between multiple Silverstack workstations. You can choose to import and merge whole libraries, folders, or bins to an existing Silverstack library either as a new project or merge it with one of your current projects.

Benefit from the great flexibility of synchronizing different workstations along your production workflow and use Silverstack XT as a central ingest and data management station in your customized and distributed production environment.

Offload and Archive in High-Speed via LTFS on LTO Tapes

Backup huge amounts of movie data in shorter time.

Whether the production is for motion pictures, TV series, commercials, or other types of productions, the content captured by the cameras needs to be securely stored. Today, LTFS is an established technology in the media production environment, because it combines the traditional advantages of LTO tapes (like reliability, longevity, portability and low cost) with easy access for third party systems through a common interface.

Silverstack XT now contains an efficient copy process to LTO tapes via LTFS, that makes managing data on tapes as easy as on hard drives.

Silverstack XT allows to transfer all your source material fast and checksum verified to LTO tapes. At the same time all appropriate metadata of your movie clips are securely stored in the Silverstack library. With help of this metadata library all your movie clips on tape are easily searchable and quickly accessible via Silverstack XT.

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