What Is New in ShotHub?

What’s new?

Multi-Export Clip Metadata:

  • Dynamic Metadata: Create CSV files from all clips in one bin or folder (Team Plan only)

API Update:

  • ASC-CDL: Fetch ASC-CDL files from Silverstack cloud projects of your team via scripts and external applications (Team Plan only)

What’s new?

API Access:

  • Public API: Access to the Silverstack and Livegrade cloud projects of your team via scripts and external applications (availability in Team Plan and end of beta phase)

Export Shot Metadata:

  • CSV Export: Export shot metadata from your shot library’s column layout for passing on metadata in a tabular form
  • ASC-CDL Naming: Batch export ASC-CDL files from shots with their respective clip name

Multi-Export Clip Metadata:

  • ASC-CDL: Create ASC-CDL files for all clips in one bin or folder from their corresponding look


  • Projects Dropdown: For faster access, the list of projects is now sorted alphabetically and shows the “latest change” information

A detailed list of all changes can be found in the ShotHub changelog.

Fetch Automatically Customized Metadata via Scripts

API Access

Fetch Automatically Customized Metadata via Scripts.

ShotHub’s API allows users to register scripts for accessing individual projects. All clip and shot metadata like camera, lens, grading, or audio information of a library is retrievable via API. Also, ASC-CDLs or customized CSV files with static or dynamic metadata can be fetched programmatically by 3rd-party applications for further processing.

What’s new?

API Access:

  • ShotHub API (Beta): Access your team’s Silverstack and Livegrade cloud projects via custom scripts

Extended Clip Metadata:

  • Audio Side Tab: Review internal and synced external audio tracks of a clip in Silverstack cloud projects
  • Grading Side Tab: Look metadata, including all grading modes and nodes as LUT and CDLs are reflected in a new side tab
  • ASC-CDL Export: Create ASC-CDL files per clip from the corresponding look
  • Export Dynamic Metadata: Create CSV files from clips with extracted Dynamic Metadata (Team Plan only)


  • Time Zone Selection: Choose a custom time zone for time and date metadata of your projects
  • Sample Projects: All team members can now import or join the Silverstack and Livegrade sample cloud projects from the dashboard
  • Various UI Improvements: Shortcut to invite new users, new side tab toggle buttons, and a dropdown menu combining actions such as exporting ASC-CDL, creating reports or copying the ShotID link to the pasteboard

Support for Silverstack and Silverstack Lab 8.4:

  • Custom RAW Settings: Metadata columns “White Balance (current)”, “EI/ISO (current)” and “Tint (current)” reflect the custom RAW settings and make them available for reports or via API

Time Zone

Select a Time Zone for Each Project.

ShotHub comes with a new option to select the time zone that is used to display time and date metadata in the project. The selection is also applied to clips reports and documented in the corresponding PDF file. If, for example, the shooting location is Mexico City and the producer coordinates the project from Paris or Berlin, time and date metadata can be shown in any of the two time zones.

Select a Time Zone for Each Project

What’s new?

Smart Groups:

  • Silverstack and Livegrade Cloud Projects: Choose a Smart Group Layout assembled from metadata (e.g., Scene, Shot, and Flagged) to customize library browsing
  • Scene-Based Order: Smart Group sorting takes prefixes and suffixes of “Scene” into account (e.g., “A3”, “x3”, “3”, “3B”)
  • Share Smart Group View: As an option, a specific Smart Group Layout can be chosen when inviting a new cloud project member


  • Grading Information: Additional look metadata, including details of ACES grading modes such as IDT, ODT, and LMT, available in Silverstack cloud projects
  • Camera Roll and Tilt: Information synced from connected Silverstack desktop applications is shown in the respective cloud project

Support for Silverstack and Silverstack Lab 8.4:

  • Library Sync Feature: Support of new hashes, RAW development settings, decoding color space and dynamic metadata
  • New Hash Types: Clips table shows columns for new hash types: XXH3, XXH128, C4ID

A detailed list of all changes can be found in the ShotHub changelog.

Customize Your Cloud Library View Using Smart Groups

Better Overview

Customize Your Cloud Library View Using Smart Groups.

ShotHub comes with a new Smart Groups outline that lets users organize their shots in alternative hierarchical structures using available clip metadata. Users can choose from multiple Smart Group Layouts to get a customized overview of their cloud projects. Even in large libraries with extensive metadata, users can select clips and shots sorted by metadata, e.g., all flagged clips of a particular scene, to share and export respective metadata as CSV or ASC-CDL of their Smart Group selection.

What’s new?

Cloud Projects:

  • Silverstack Projects: “Last seen” information for each volume is shown in the file tab
  • Livegrade Projects: “Output Colorspace” is displayed for every shot in the color tab


  • Dashboard: Thumbnails reflect the last modified clips or shots of each project
  • Performance: Various improvements enhance the performance when opening ShotHub and loading projects

What’s new?

User Management:

  • Multi-team Membership: Users can be active members of multiple teams for different organizations
  • Updated User Plans: New user management and roles for every plan
  • Introduction of a New Team Plan: Team size is scalable, and projects per team are unlimited
  • Team Settings: Advanced options to manage a team with multiple users and projects


  • Project Overview: Overview of recently updated projects and quick access to all projects
  • Recent Activities: List of recently added media bins and recent events
  • Quick Entry for ShotID: Direct search for a ShotID to display clip details for a specific clip

Project Management:

  • New Roles for Invitees: Assign access rights by inviting others as admins, members, or external users


  • Message Inbox: Notification about new invitations to a team or a project that can be accepted in the web browser
Dashboard Overview of Projects and Activities


Overview of Projects and Activities.

All projects and recent activities are summarized on the dashboard, making it easy to keep an overview of your projects. Additionally, the dashboard provides quick access to the team settings and to all Silverstack or Livegrade cloud projects that you are part of.

Team Settings

Organize Your Team.

The introduction of new user roles enables multiple persons to manage teams and projects. On team- and project-level users can be involved as “members” or “admins”. While “members” simply contribute to the team’s project/s, “admins” have additional management rights. For example, team admins can manage users (invite/delete team members/external users) and edit (archive/delete) projects. Furthermore, many filter options allow team admins to check which project/s a user is currently involved in.

Organize Your Team in ShotHub

What’s new?

Frame.io Camera to Cloud (C2C) Integration:

  • Automatic Transfer of CDLs: Connect Livegrade cloud projects with Frame.io to make CDLs instantly available in a Frame.io C2C project

Support for Livegrade Pro and Livegrade Studio 6.0:

  • Grading Info Tab: Knee Curve Node, ACES 1.3 transforms and Gamut Compression are reflected in the grading information tab
  • Look matching: Looks with Knee Curve Node, ACES 1.3 transforms or FilmLight BLG looks can be fetched from ShotHub (ready for Silverstack and Silverstack Lab 8.2)

What’s new?

Support for Silverstack and Silverstack Lab 8.0:

  • Library Sync Feature: Keep clip libraries in sync across all connected Silverstack applications by automatically sharing metadata and file information via ShotHub
  • Access clip metadata by ShotID: Identify a clip and retrieve its metadata in Silverstack cloud projects by a short ShotID
  • Navigation between source and transcoded clip: Find the source clip of a transcode and vice-versa in the file tab
  • Copy ShotID link: Share clip metadata and file information by copying the ShotID link from the file tab

Please note: Silverstack cloud projects are not migrated automatically. To enable the bi-directional clip library sync, disconnect the project from Silverstack and sync into a new cloud project (requires Silverstack 8.x or newer).

What’s new?

Support for Silverstack and Silverstack Lab 8.0 Beta:

  • Prepared for upcoming release: Including the Library Sync Feature, ShotID and respective link as clip identifier, show related clips for transcoded clips and vice versa

New View Mode:

  • Clip Detail View: All metadata and file information of a single clip shown on one overview page

What’s new?

Project Organization:

  • Filter Search: Refine the search and filter by metadata field to retrieve clip and shot information
  • Reveal Clip/Shot in Bin: Find the respective bin of a clip or shot in the library via the metadata field “bin name”

Export Look Information:

  • Export ASC-CDL: Download ASC-CDL files from Livegrade cloud projects per shot in the grade panel
  • ASC-CDL Batch Export: Download ASC-CDL files for multiple shots of a bin or folder in a Livegrade cloud project at once

Filter Search

Retrieve Clips/Shots by Metadata.

Use the extended metadata saved within the cloud projects to filter the search when looking for specific clips or shots. Refine the search by fields as episode, camera, or white balance to retrieve shots or clips in the library and get respective metadata and look information.

Retrieve Clips/Shots by Metadata

What’s new?

Plans Release:

  • Official Release: ShotHub finished the beta phase
  • Introduction of Plans: Choose between three user plans according to the production needs
  • Pomfort Account Integration: Manage users plans and additional purchases in the Pomfort Account


  • Comprehensive Plan Info: The user account menu shows all relevant information about the user’s current plan
  • Sample Project: Users without own projects can import a sample cloud project
  • Improved Project Overview: User’s own projects are marked in the project dropdown and the project info panel

What’s new?


  • Create New Projects in the Web Browser: Add a new Silverstack or Livegrade cloud project remotely
  • Viewing Presets for Livegrade Cloud Projects: Choose one of the new column presets to view your Livegrade shot library
  • Improved Layout: Various smaller fixes and improvements to enhance usability, especially on mobile devices


  • New Metadata Fields: New metadata fields were added for Livegrade Beta 5.2 and Silverstack Beta 7.2
  • Improved General Info in Silverstack Cloud Projects: The order of metadata fields was adapted to the desktop application for a better overview

What’s new?

Livegrade Integration:

  • Unify Your On-Set Production Data: Collect and manage clip and shot information from Silverstack and Livegrade
  • Connect Livegrade to ShotHub: Automatically upload shot and look metadata to a Livegrade cloud project
  • Upload Thumbnails (optional): Review on-set grades on any mobile device
  • Provide Access to Your Team: Invite others to view or contribute data to your ShotHub project

Seamless Look Matching:

  • Share On-Set Looks Automatically: All shots and grading information is instantly accessible
  • Retrieve Looks in Silverstack: Browse your Livegrade cloud project to match looks for dailies creation
Unify Your On-Set Production Data

Unify Your On-Set Production Data

Create More Flexible Workflows.

Even if working at various locations at a different time, all production information from the camera department is instantly available in ShotHub and provides full project transparency. Sharing your clip and look libraries with your team simplifies metadata exchange and communication.

Seamless Look Matching

Enhance Your Grading Workflow.

ShotHub creates a seamless link from look creation in Livegrade to look matching and dailies creation in Silverstack Lab. Looks and related shot metadata are automatically uploaded to ShotHub, and the grading metadata is instantly accessible in Silverstack Lab to match corresponding looks to your camera source material.

Seamless Look Matching

What’s new?

Advanced Viewing Modes:

  • Summary: Camera Statistics is now showing data and length summaries for either a folder, a media bin, or the whole project
  • List View: Choose table view presets or create custom layouts that can be saved, reloaded, and shared with other users
  • Collection View: Visual overview of all clips with scalable thumbnails
  • Full Image View: Preview of all assets in full-screen mode

Dark Theme Option:

  • Dark Theme Mode: Choose dark mode UI as an option in the Pomfort account menu

Additional Report Options:

  • Clips Reports: Create Clips Reports based on presets or individual table layouts to select relevant metadata
  • Add Production Info: Choose if production info is part of the Shooting Day or Clips Report
Custom Layout Presets

Custom Layout Presets

Create Your Individual Table Layout in the List View.

According to the table view known from Silverstack, you can either pick one of the existing viewing presets or create individual presets. Customize your layouts by choosing and sorting the metadata columns that are relevant for you or other users. All presets can be shared with other members by invitation or loaded for exporting Clips Report.

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