About Us

If You Saw a Movie Yesterday - It's Very Likely That Our Software Was Involved.

You may never see "Pomfort" in a movie's credits - but our software products Silverstack and Livegrade are present virtually in every professional movie production. From 2010 all the way to today, an always increasing number of feature film, tv, and commercial productions worldwide have chosen "the Pomfort way" for handling their movie projects.

What We Make

Quite simply: The perfect software for the job. We make software products that are developed based on the stories and experiences of cinematographers, workflow specialists, and image technicians from hundreds of film productions. Combining our deep knowledge about film production technologies and the profound expertise in software development, we make industry-leading software, that is designed for the way production professionals actually work.

This results in products that are intuitive, functional, and yet highly professional – software that gives you all the flexibility and adaptability you need to excel in any kind of movie production environment.

How We Do It

We are big believers in the power of software. Software can reduce complexity on the surface, while maintaining fine control for every detail. Integrating innovative software features with constantly advancing hardware devices developed by our numerous technology partners lets us stay up to date with technology. We are integrating the best tools on the market into an open ecosystem that sets new standards in the way our customers complete their daily production tasks.

Everything we do here at Pomfort is driven by our enthusiasm about empowering our users in a way that puts them in control of their work on set.

How We Got There

We have highest expectations to ourselves to build top-of-the line software products in the industry. Therefore we experiment, pay attention to the details, and tackle tough challenges every day – and we constantly keep on learning.

And from day one our software products were developed in co-creation with numerous customers from all over the world. We put our main focus on understanding our customer’s intentions and business. Everything we build is driven by their challenges and designed around their needs. Delivering a great customer experience is our ultimate and most important goal. With skill and grit we established Pomfort as one of the hidden champions in film production technologies.


Our team is the most important resource. We're quite busy most of the time, here's how.

Software Development

Here is where all the beautiful lines of code are written, that build the base for all features of our products. The team is working with high concentration all day in analysis, design and implementation as well as in table football.

Product Design

Designing Pomfort's products is a joint process with Software Development as well as the Quality & Support team. Our goals are to support the tasks on set, reduce pains in the daily routine, and provide the right features for even the special circumstances.

Communication & Distribution

We love to share all the most recent news with you, on our websites, via Facebook and Twitter, and together with our widespread network of press partners. Communication also means sales, and therefore we are continuously in contact with our world-wide partners and we participate in a variety of essential trade shows every year.

Quality & Support

Our support and testing team is grilling every new feature in our lab to provide the highest possible level of product quality. In case you still experience an unexpected behavior or simply have a question about one of our products, those guys are happy to help you.

By the way...

...what does "Pomfort" mean?

The name Pomfort has its origin in the adjective "pomfortionös" (pɔm.fɔʁ.tsjo’nøːs), a very rare German word used especially for delicious meals. The exact meaning - originally assembled from the French words bon and fortuné - is something between extraordinary and wonderful.

The name and the reference to food and cooking reminds us that creating software in a team is similar to the activities in a kitchen, where ten pots boil simultaneously and only attention and experience bring everything in time on the plate.
À votre santé!