Digital Imaging

Pre-visualizing camera images and referencing digital looks right at the film set is an easy way to enhance the efficiency of production workflows and achieve better creative control. Livegrade Pro and Livegrade Studio are powerful applications for working with live images on set and for ensuring consistency in single-, as well as in multi-camera production environments.

Desktop Applications

Unrivaled Technical Control for Creative Immediacy on Set.

Livegrade Pro gives film productions better control of their images and simplifies the on set color workflow and dailies process.

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The State-of-the-Art Digital Imaging System.

Livegrade Studio provides productions with advanced grading functionalities, customizable control features, and powerful automation, that are specifically tailored to multi-camera productions.

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Metadata and Look Libraries in the Cloud.

Get better insights, merge project data, provide greater transparency and drive your production workflow.

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Looks on Set with Livegrade

How DPs And DITs Work With Looks On Set To Achieve Superior Image Results.

Add-Ons + Tools

Your ARRI Camera Menu to Go.

PocketControl is an iOS App that lets user monitor and control their ARRI Alexa Mini and AMIRA cameras remotely from their iPhone or iPad.

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