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What is Pomfort ShotHub?

Pomfort ShotHub is a cloud system for data integration and information exchange in film productions. ShotHub is specifically designed to collect, connect, and share clip information and look metadata from both on-set applications Silverstack and Livegrade. This way, all your rich shooting data is remotely accessible for you and your colleagues out of a single shared resource.

Why Pomfort ShotHub?

Both Silverstack and Livegrade have established a proven framework for efficiently handling shot information from the film set. Pomfort ShotHub couples the advantages of distinctly structured metadata and look information with the benefit of seamless cloud access.

Pomfort ShotHub replaces Pomfort Silverstack Cloud. Previously created Pomfort Accounts are valid for ShotHub.

What Pomfort Shothub Can Do for You

Unified Project Data

Provide fast access to your unified clip and look libraries in the cloud– collected from one location or several distributed film sets. Base your work and reporting on a more integrated data structure and create a consistent data experience for your colleagues.

Workflow Automation

Power up your grading workflows with integrations between the applications that you use every day. The simplified and automated exchange of look information in production processes such as dailies creation helps make your daily tasks run more agile.

Team Communication

Invite your team members to the cloud and keep your team up-to-date with rich real-time data. Sharing media context from the film set in a structured way improves project communication and enhances collaboration across the entire project lifecycle.

Comprehensive Project Archive

Stay on top of your data and keep your project data remotely accessible and traceable, even after a project ends. This makes it easy to find and instantly deliver information about shot details to authorized team members on request - any time and from any location.

Sync Your Clip Libraries Across Devices

Share Your Project for Simultaneous Collaboration

Sync Your Clip Libraries Across Devices.

Taking care of all DIT responsibilities often needs several computers and more than one person. Therefore it is efficient to work on the same project simultaneously across devices.

With Pomfort ShotHub, multiple instances of Silverstack can be connected via one cloud project to sync their respective clip libraries. This way, the “synced” library is fully accessible on any Silverstack desktop application belonging to the team. Inserting metadata or look matching can be done with one device for all assets - anywhere and anytime.

Sharing the clip library across devices within the team via ShotHub enables smarter collaboration and agile workflows.

Collect and View Data in Real-Time

Full Project Transparency.

Keeping all shot data accessible is useful at every stage of film production. Questions concerning the footage pop up any time, and the DIT cart or the machine containing this information is not always within reach.

With Pomfort ShotHub, you can provide all information about your media assets by just looking at your mobile device. Export reports directly from ShotHub or invite team members to access the project metadata they are interested in – even if they are not on the film set.

Pomfort ShotHub is a powerful cloud system that makes information about clip details or looks instantly available - no matter where you are and which device you are using.

Collect and View Data in Real-Time
Pomfort ShotHub gives you complete insights into your current and archived production data – any time and from any location.
Make Your Library Accessible to Others

Make Your Library Accessible to Others

Invite Others for Smarter Collaboration.

As film production is a distributed process, the shooting is usually spread over several locations or split into shifts. Teams work in tandem easier if shooting data is available in the same interface for reference and interaction.

You can monitor the data deriving from several workstations into one ShotHub project in real-time. No “manual” exchange of information or merging your projects to one desktop application is needed. This way, everyone relevant is always in the loop.

Integrating all shooting data from several workstations with ShotHub enables all people to contribute to a great movie result.

Provide Looks Instantly for Previewing and Look Matching

Automate Your On-Set grading Workflow.

Looks are created for technical reasons such as light and lens settings or creative intention per scene or location. Keeping all generated looks well-sorted and quickly accessible is essential for following production processes.

Automatically upload your look information from one or multiple Livegrades instances to your project in the ShotHub. You can preview the graded images in ShotHub via a web browser or access the look metadata from Silverstack Lab.

With Pomfort ShotHub, you can make sure that your on-set looks are always up-to-date for look matching and dailies creation.

Provide Looks Instantly for Previewing and Look Matching
Simplify Your Dailies Creation Workflow

Simplify Your Dailies Creation Workflow

Look Matching From Anywhere.

Dailies are supposed to look exactly like what the DP and the director saw on set. Setting up the color pipeline from the camera to post should always consider that all on-set looks are consistent and preserve the next production level’s creative intent.

In Pomfort ShotHub, every look created in Livegrade is automatically uploaded to the connected project and retrievable for the look matching in Silverstack. All look metadata is transferred seamlessly to Silverstack, where the grading can be adapted if needed before the dailies are handed over.

Pomfort ShotHub enables a consistent and streamlined color workflow, which simplifies the general process of dailies creation.

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Pomfort ShotHub is the cloud solution that bridges your workflow with the on-set desktop applications Silverstack and Livegrade.

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Introduction to Pomfort ShotHub

Access to your production data - any time, from anywhere.

Pomfort ShotHub supports film production processes by extending Silverstack and Livegrade to the cloud.

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