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Unlock the full potential of your asset metadata in the cloud - get better insights, provide greater operational transparency, and drive your production workflow.
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What is Pomfort ShotHub?

Pomfort ShotHub is the central, cloud-based hub for all shot-related information, supporting movie production teams in distributed and dynamic environments.

The innovative cloud system is designed to mirror project libraries from Silverstack and Livegrade in real-time. It makes production data universally accessible so that it can be picked up and exchanged seamlessly at any time and location.

This way, ShotHub brings distributed work on set to a new level and also connects DI facilities with data from production.

Why Pomfort ShotHub?

A production’s output is best when professionals on set can focus on the creative work as much as possible. However, with complex processes, many information sources, and large teams, information overload can become a real problem when relying on traditional communication methods.

With well-structured production data available online and offline, you’re enabled to only access what’s needed, when needed. ShotHub provides the necessary transparency for distributed work and makes production-wide data management plain and simple.

What Pomfort Shothub Can Do for You

Unified Project Data

Provide fast access to your unified clip and look libraries in the cloud– collected from one location or several distributed film sets. Base your work and reporting on a more integrated data structure and create a consistent data experience for your colleagues.

Workflow Automation

Power up your grading workflows with integrations between the applications that you use every day. The simplified and automated exchange of look information in production processes such as dailies creation helps make your daily tasks run more agile.

Team Communication

Invite your team members to the cloud and keep your team up-to-date with rich real-time data. Sharing media context from the film set in a structured way improves project communication and enhances collaboration across the entire project lifecycle.

Comprehensive Project Archive

Stay on top of your data and keep your project data remotely accessible and traceable, even after a project ends. This makes it easy to find and instantly deliver information about shot details to authorized team members on request - any time and from any location.

Collect and Access Data in Real-Time

Full Project Transparency.

Since questions on footage arise frequently, it’s useful to keep shot data accessible at all stages of a film production. However, the DIT cart or machine storing this information may not always be within reach.

Pomfort ShotHub is a powerful cloud system that lets you retrieve information on your media assets from your mobile device. Export tailored reports directly from ShotHub or invite team members to access the sought-after information themselves - regardless of their physical location.

Collect and View Data in Real-Time
Sync Your Clip Libraries Across Devices

Share Your Project for Simultaneous Collaboration

Sync Your Clip Libraries Across Devices.

To meet all DIT responsibilities, it often needs several computers and multiple people. For smart collaboration, it’s therefore necessary to be able to work on the same project simultaneously across devices.

With Pomfort ShotHub, multiple instances of Silverstack can be connected via one cloud project to sync their respective clip libraries. This way, the synced project is fully accessible on any of your team’s Silverstack applications.Tasks like inserting metadata or look matching can then be done with one device for all assets - anywhere and anytime.

With ShotHub, I didn’t have to think about exporting anything from Livegrade and copying to Silverstack – everything was done in the cloud. That solution was perfect for me.

Krzysztof Wlodarczyk, DIT

Instantly Provide Looks From Set

Look Matching From Anywhere.

Looks are created for technical reasons such as light and lens settings or to visualize creative intent. Keeping all looks organized and quickly accessible is essential for the smooth running of subsequent production processes.

Pomfort ShotHub ensures that your on-set looks are always up-to-date for look matching and dailies creation: Every look created in one or multiple Livegrade instances is automatically uploaded to the connected cloud project. Preview graded images, export ASC-CDLs from the web browser, or retrieve the on-set grading for look matching and dailies creation in Silverstack Lab.

Instantly Provide Looks From Set
Quickly Retrieve and Share Clip Information

Quickly Retrieve and Share Clip Information

Identify Clips via ShotID.

During all stages of a production, file and clip information is crucial for efficient and consistent workflows. Proxy files (derivates) generated from the OCF for Editing or VFX creation are typically accompanied by a reduced set of metadata.

ShotHub projects preserve and archive valuable information such as camera and lens data, file and format details, or script and QC notes. To make this information easily accessible across departments and production steps, Pomfort developed an exclusive concept based on unique identifiers:

For every clip added to the connected Silverstack library, a unique ShotID and corresponding link is automatically generated. Simply copy the link or add a QR code to the proxy files to let others look up the clip information and additional metadata in their web browser.

With ShotHub’s live sync, our creative and technical teams get updates to their projects very efficiently. Being able to contribute remotely makes it the best feature for seamless collaboration.

Kabir Ulhas, Technology Workflow Specialist (Windle House, India)

Integrate Your Team

Comprehensive User Management.

Film production relies on collaborative and distributed effort as filming is usually spread over several locations or split into shifts. To ensure the involved parties can successfully work in tandem, it needs project transparency and clearly defined roles.

As an admin, you can invite other users to your ShotHub project and further define access rights and edit permissions using ShotHub’s team management capabilities. For example, authorize colleagues to set up their own projects, allow them to sync their local clip library with an existing project, or limit active participation through read-only access.

Integrate Your Team
Integrate ShotHub via Rest API

Benefit From Cloud Projects Within 3rd Party Applications

Integrate ShotHub via Rest API.

To effectively serve the production pipeline, various applications and systems usually need to be incorporated into the production’s workflow design.

By integrating ShotHub via REST API, other applications can automatically draw customized information (e.g., CDLs) from the cloud projects’ rich databases for further processing. Thus your workflows benefit from the wide range of structured and detailed metadata that ShotHub stores for clips and looks.

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Introduction to Pomfort ShotHub

Access to your production data - any time, from anywhere.

Pomfort ShotHub supports film production processes by extending Silverstack and Livegrade to the cloud.

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