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Although we’re sad to see you go, we respect your decision and want to make the process as convenient as possible. Pick one of the options below to quickly cancel your subscription.

Quick and Easy: Cancel via Pomfort Account

It’s easiest to cancel your subscription in your Pomfort Account. Simply open your license overview, navigate to the subscription, and hit the “Manage Subscription” button. The cancellation will be processed immediately.

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Alternatively: Use the Cancellation Form

By law, we are required to provide a cancellation mechanism without prior login. You can directly enter your details in the form below to issue a cancellation announcement. Our Sales Team will retrieve your subscription and cancel it for you. Please note: If you are planning to cancel several subscriptions, you need to fill out a separate form for each one.

Personal Details

Your subscription ID is displayed in the confirmation email of your initial subscription purchase (how to find your subscription ID).

Please enter the email address that was used to buy the subscription.

If your preferred contact email address differs from the purchase email address, please enter it here. We will then email your cancellation confirmation to this address instead.

About My Cancellation

Statement on Terms and Conditions:

In most cases, you will cancel within the terms and conditions of your contract. That means you acknowledge the subscription period of one year and are aware that your cancellation only stops the automatic renewal thereafter. Your subscription will remain usable until reaching its end date (as stated in your purchase confirmation). We accept and immediately process all cancellations made within our terms and conditions.

Usually, there are no legal grounds for extraordinary termination. If this box is checked, our Sales Team will cancel your subscription (within the terms and conditions) and additionally get in touch to discuss your reasons for requesting extraordinary termination. You will be contacted in a separate email, so please allow for some processing time.

Statement on Processing Date

We will use an automatically generated timestamp to confirm your cancellation announcement and will process it immediately.

By law, we are required to give you the opportunity to set a specific date on which you want your cancellation announcement processed. If this seems useful to you (e.g., for accounting reasons), please choose a date.

Please note: Your selected date has no impact on the actual termination date of your subscription. It will run out after the one-year subscription period has ended.

You need to load content from Google reCAPTCHA to submit the form. Please note that doing so will share data with third-party providers.

More Information

If you have any issues cancelling your subscription, please don't hesitate to get in touch via