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Means Enabling Filmmakers to Tell Their Impactful Stories.

Pomfort Software empowers visual storytellers around the globe to unlock their creativity and bring scripts to life. Our customers’ projects range from Hollywood Blockbusters and Netflix sensations to Indie productions, high-end commercials, broadcasts, and music videos. Whatever flickered across your screen last night, chances are high we were involved behind the scenes! Right from the film set through to post-production, our passion is the technology that innovates the flow of images, sound, and colors right in the production process. Want to join us?


Opportunities at Pomfort are just as diverse as our customers’ projects. Whether you’re a passionate software developer, creative marketer, or avid product designer— there’s a spot for you at Pomfort! So if you see yourself reflected in our company mission and values, we can’t wait to hear from you.


Pomfort was founded in response to the digital revolution turning the film industry upside down. When films were no longer shot on tape but increasingly captured in digital files, professionals needed entirely new tools. Enter Pomfort: We’re dedicated to equipping professionals with intelligent movie production technology that advances digital workflows now and in the future.


At Pomfort We Are…


We conceptualize and develop innovative solutions for film professionals’ real-life needs. In doing so, we employ the latest technology - or invent what doesn’t yet exist.


We love working in the film industry! All the fantastic productions that our customers are involved with, serve as constant reminders that Pomfort has an actual impact and true purpose. So going to work knowing that what you do matters is a pretty great feeling.


We believe that our mission can only be pursued successfully as a team in which diverse ideas and backgrounds are cherished. To create an environment that lets all team members thrive, we’re committed to interacting with empathy, integrity, and appreciation for each other.

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Software Development

Trainee Sales and Business Development (m/w/d)

Location: Munich | Start: Immediate

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Bachelor and Master Theses

If you are studying computer science, media information, media technology, film technology, or similar, and look for an exciting topic to work on, please let us know. We will develop or find a topic together that fits your needs.

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If you are looking for a position as an intern (e.g., as part of your studies), you are very welcome to join us at Pomfort. Please contact us so we can figure out the right area and time frame.

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