Available in Livegrade Studio only


  • Manage multiple, independent projects


  • Save and recall unlimited number of shots with look information and camera-related metadata
  • Global fields for storing slate and production information
  • Customize behavior of editing slate info fields (e.g. slating system, reset values)
  • Prepared metadata entry or quick-entry panel for flexible editing of shot and look metadata
  • Camera specific fields for storing information about clip, exposure, lens, camera position and device
  • Automatically filled metadata fields from ANC metadata
  • Color labels with customizable label text
  • Look information including 3D LUT nodes, ASC-CDL nodes, IDT, ODT, LMT, etc.
  • Thumbnails in different sizes for visual reference

Stored Media

  • Add multiple media folders for expanding media storage disk space as needed
  • Recorded movies and framegrabs
  • Imported still images from JPG, TIFF and DPX files and extracted images from QuickTime movies
  • Imported QuickTime and MP4 movies (mov, m4v, mp4)
  • Inspect media status (online/offline) and reconnect media
  • Progress bar for monitoring media import/export tasks


  • Save and recall unlimited number of look presets
  • Look information including 3D LUT nodes, ASC-CDL nodes, etc.
  • Thumbnails for visual reference
  • Node Presets for saving and applying individual grading nodes
  • Use Node Presets including metadata for handling camera, lens and filter offsets
  • Use Node Presets for storing and applying only a selection of grading nodes
  • Copy and paste looks between slots

Recursive Library Structure

  • Use folders and bins to group and order your project
  • Search and filter functions for fast access to shots and look presets
  • Smart groups for organizing shots using a hierarchical structured automatic outline based on shot metadata
  • Choose columns to customize shot table
  • Option for non-SI units (e.g. imperial focus distance)

Color Pipeline

  • Node-based color pipeline, different modes for different scenarios

General Grading Modes

  • CDL and LUT, CDL Advanced, ACES CDL, ACES CDL Advanced, Freestyle, Freestyle ACES

Device-Specific Grading Modes

  • For ARRI Alexa 35, ARRI Alexa Mini, ARRI Amira, Sony Venice 2, Panasonic Varicam

Proprietary Grading Modes

  • FilmLight BLG grading mode with FilmLight’s specific input and output transform parameters, native grading in FilmLight’s working colorspace via ASC-CDL
  • Colorfront Film with input/output color spaces, grading color space, scene referred controls, comprehensive HDR controls (via AJA FS-HDR device)
  • "Freestyle" grade modes for custom, more co


  • Versions and transforms for download: v0.2.0, v0.7.0, v0.7.1, ACEScc v1.0.0, ACEScc v1.0.1, ACEScc v1.0.2, ACEScc v1.0.3, ACEScct v1.0.3, ACEScct v1.1.0, ACEScct v1.2.0, ACEScct v1.3.0
  • Versions and transforms shipping with Livegrade: ACES v1.3 cct
  • Manage and download latest ACES versions in Preferences and directly from grading nodes
  • Input transforms (IDTs): ARRI, Canon, Panasonic, RED (log3G10), Sony, ACESproxy, reverse Rec.709
  • LMT node with official LMTs and support for CLF (Common LUT Format)
  • Output transforms (ODTs): Rec.709, Rec.2020 (inc. HDR ST2084), DCDM, HDR, P3, sRGB, ACESproxy

Grading Nodes

  • ASC-CDL compatible interaction types: CDL/SOP, and simplified (contrast, stretch, warmer, greener controls)
  • ASC-CDL compatible interaction types: LGG (lift, gamma, gain), and printer lights
  • 3D LUT Presets for ARRI, Blackmagic Design, Canon, Panasonic, RED, and Sony cameras in 3D LUT node
  • Import of custom 3D LUTs in 3D LUT node
  • Load and save ASC-CDL files (*.cdl) directly to/from node
  • Multiple ASC-CDL nodes can be combined to one CDL filter e.g. for export
  • 1D LUT import and 1D Curve editor
  • RGB Curves for applying curves to individual channels luma, red, green and blue and a custom-defined color
  • HSL Curves for applying secondary curve corrections based on hue vs. hue, hue vs. saturation, hue vs. luma, luma vs. saturation and saturation vs. saturation
  • Curves color picker tool for creating precise secondary curve corrections and scene-accurate creative looks
  • HHS Secondaries (hue-dependent hue and saturation controls)
  • Knee Curve for simple “knee” and “toe” curve adjustments
  • Grading nodes can be enabled and disabled individually
  • Amount slider for adjusting the intensity of individual grading nodes

Output Colorspaces

  • Assign looks an output colorspace and manage shots using the output colorspace attribute
  • Automatic detection of output colorspace for built-in LUT presets and output transforms
  • Read and export output colorspace as comment in custom LUTs for round-tripping with other Livegrade systems

False Color

  • False Color mode for quick-check of exposure
  • Provided modes for most common log formats such as LogC4, LogC3, SonySlog3 and RedLog3G10
  • Possibility to add custom false color LUTs
  • Force to apply false color on the “Graded”, “Bypass” or “Original” image

Linked Looks

  • Control selected parts of looks simultaneously for multiple slots / devices
  • Edit individual Looks of Linked Look in Library Slot

See a list with all supported devices

Hardware Configurations

  • Save and restore hardware settings for quickly switching between different hardware contexts

Supported "LUT Boxes"

  • Flanders Scientific (FSI) BoxIO (single and dual channel mode)
  • Teradek COLR and COLR Duo
  • TVLogic (formerly WOWOW and Fujifilm) IS-mini, IS-miniX, IS-mini 4K (activation is required for IS-mini devices)
  • AJA FS-HDR: single channel and multi-channel "Dynamic LUT" transform
  • AJA FS-HDR: single channel and multi-channel "Colorfront Film" transform

Supported Monitors

  • Flanders Scientific (FSI) DM and CM series
  • Canon DP-V1710/V1711/V2410/V2411/V2420/V2421/V3010 (single and dual input mode)

Supported Cameras

  • All ARRI cameras supporting CAP (camera access protocol): ARRI Alexa SXT/SXT W, Alexa LF, ARRI Alexa Mini, ARRI Alexa Mini LF, ARRI Amira, ARRI Alexa 65 (interactive configuration, hybrid workflow with LUT box and upload of look metadata)
  • Panasonic Varicam 35/Pure/LT/HS (interactive look control)
  • Panavision DXL2 (hybrid workflow with LUT box and upload of look metadata)
  • RED DSMC2 cameras with IPP2 HD-SDI video output (hybrid workflow with LUT box and upload of look metadata)
  • Sony F65 (interactive configuration, hybrid workflow with LUT box and look upload)
  • Sony VENICE 2 (interactive configuration, remote grading: interactive look control via CDL and look upload as LUT)

Supported Camera Extension Modules


Supported Software Systems

  • QTAKE video assist system
  • Colourlab Ai

Virtual Production Integrations

  • Unreal Engine integration via Pomfort Virtual LUT Box plugin
  • Brompton Tessera Processors
  • disguise Designer
  • Megapixel HELIOS®

Multiple Devices

  • Manage multiple devices and control them independently
  • Group and mix multiple devices and control them combined
  • Use four devices in one slot for Quad HD-SDI / UHD/4K applications

Frame Grabs

  • Frame grabs supported by FSI BoxIO, FSI monitors, and IS-miniX
  • Displays saved stills via frame callback on FSI BoxIO devices

HD-SDI Settings

  • Legal / extended HD-SDI signal settings for each LUT device

Color Management

  • Import and apply ICC profiles for use of DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort and HD-SDI displays


  • Restore all looks on all devices on startup


  • Connection indicator warns on offline devices

Live Video Monitoring

  • Full resolution image viewer for selected input
  • Previews for multiple video inputs simultaneously
  • Compare live signals in split view

Capturing Frame Grabs and Video

  • Frame grab as 16bit TIFF files, simultaneous frame grabs from all slots
  • QuickTime ProRes in different bit rates (ProRes 422 LT, ProRes 422 Proxy, ProRes 422, ProRes 422 HQ)
  • Flip and/or flop options for correcting mirrored or upside-down camera setups

Recording modes

  • Multi-record for triggering record for multiple attached capture devices
  • Starting record independently for individual slots
  • Arming slots for record

Dynamic Metadata

  • Record dynamic slot metadata fields transmitted via HD-SDI ancillary metadata
  • Export dynamic metadata of shots to a CSV

Device Support

  • AJA Io and AJA KONA devices
  • Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio, Mini Recorder and Decklink cards
  • Handling of original camera as well as pre-graded input signals


  • Triggering record by HD-SDI VANC metadata from ARRI Alexa Classic/XT/SXT/SXT W/LF/65
  • Triggering record by HD-SDI HANC rec-flag from ARRI, RED, Sony cameras (works with Kona 4 or newer and IO 4K series by AJA)
  • Triggering record from "Rec-Run" time code
  • Enable auto-record trigger for multiple slots for each capture device

Ancillary (ANC) Metadata

  • Extensive metadata support for ARRI cameras, Panasonic Varicam models, Sony F55 and VENICE

Direct-Access Metadata

  • ARRI Cameras via CAP (Wifi/network)
  • RED cameras, Panavision DXL2 via RCP (Wifi/network)
  • Various fields for timecode, clip name, FPS, exposure, lens, camera position, device information


  • Capture time code from video stream for look creation


  • Capture device can follow selected slot for capturing multiple signals with one capture device (use with video routing automation)
  • Record events can trigger automation

Slot Configuration

  • Group slots into stages for controlling metadata, shot creation and recording of multiple independent scenes within one project
  • Indicate slots with slot characters (A-Z) or with a multi-digit custom slot label


  • View and color-grade live image in software (with capture device)
  • View and color-grade imported stills in software
  • Color processing in all LUT boxes, supported monitors and supported cameras
  • View and color-grade captured live image (GPU-based)
  • View and color-grade recorded clips and frame grabs
  • Compatibility mode for display matching (e.g. with HD-SDI video, DaVinci Resolve)

JKL Navigation

  • Playback, jog and shuttle using J, K, L keyboard shortcuts of movies in viewer and slots
  • Jump to a timecode reference in a recorded movie

Split view

  • Compare different looks for look matching
  • Compare live image to stored clips and frame grabs for look matching
  • Compare live image to live image for look matching

Video Scopes

  • Native video scopes with waveform, histogram, and vector scope (with settings)
  • Configure scopes for color primaries of current output colorspace (Auto/Rec.709/Rec.2020)
  • Various video scopes with interface to “Scopebox” application (via ScopeLink)
  • In-application waveform and vectorscope with FSI devices (via ScopeStream)

Device Support

  • AJA T-Tap, KONA series and Io series
  • Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio, Mini Monitor and Decklink cards


  • Mirroring of Image Viewer to HD-SDI
  • Grade live on reference monitor
  • Support for split screen (vertical, horizontal, flipped) and overlay reference mode

Video Routing Configurations

  • Create video routing configurations for selected connections
  • Automate video routing configurations on certain actions (e.g. slot changes) or menu / custom keyboard shortcuts

Interactive Video Router Control

  • Monitor and interact with router connections visually

Device Support

  • Support for AJA Kumo and Blackmagic Design Smart Videohub video routers
  • Auto-detection of video routers in local network


  • 3D LUTs in various formats (all grading modes)

LUT Formats for Export

  • Davinci Resolve, Adobe SpeedGrade, Filmlight, Autodesk Lustre, Assimilate Scratch, Digital Vision Nucoda, Blackmagic HDLink, Blackmagic Teranex Mini, AJA LUT Box, Convergent Design Odyssey, REDCINE X PRO and others
  • Batch export, export multiple formats at once

Look Exchange

  • Import/export of CDL files (ASC-CDL and ACES grade modes)
  • Export looks split into CDL and non-CDL components (ASC-CDL and 3D LUT / ACES Metadata File and CLF)
  • Import/export of Alexa Look Files (Alexa look mode)
  • Export of Amira Look Files (CDL look mode)
  • AMF export and import for exchanging look info (incl. IDT, ASC-CDL, CLF and ODT) in ACES workflows
  • Import/export of Pomfort Looks and Look Archives for seamless integration with Silverstack
  • Import/export of Pomfort Look Archives including media files for exchanging projects or groups of shots including reference media with other Livegrade systems
  • Export BLG files for passing on looks to FilmLight applications
  • Export CFE files for Colorfront systems
  • Customizable, automatic schemes for file names of exported looks via metadata wildcards
  • Transfer of looks as ALE file for automatic look matching in Assimilate Scratch
  • Transfer of looks as ALE file for automatic look matching in Assimilate Scratch

Still export

  • Export stills (graded and original)
  • Convenient “on-the-fly” still export with file names based on metadata
  • Tag still on export images with color profile for most common output colorspaces
  • Share graded stills via Airdrop

Reports and Metadata

  • Export PDF reports including thumbnails and metadata from the shot library
  • Export CSV metadata sheets from the shot library

CDL Server

  • Provide CDL information via network for Codex recorders and Alexa XT

Exchange Settings

  • Export and import of project settings and global settings

Grading Panel Devices

  • Tangent Element (all modules), Ripple, Wave, Wave2 with custom mappings via "Tangent Mapper"

USB Controllers

  • Plugin for mapping and triggering actions to Elgato Stream Deck devices (Classic, XL, Plus)

MIDI Controllers

  • Supports any class-compliant MIDI controller
  • Customizable mappings for buttons (actions) and encoders (grade controls)


  • Intuitive, easy to learn user interface
  • Resizable color controls, metadata controls, video scopes, and preview viewers


  • Dark user interface for dark studio and on-set environments
  • UI dim configuration


  • Custom automations for in-application events and actions
  • Events: Slot changes, recording events, application state changes
  • Actions: Configuring slots, showing / hiding of user interface elements, apply video router configurations
  • Actions: Run custom scripts

Remote App

  • iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, communication via WiFi
  • Switch between stored look presets
  • Switch between device slots
  • Bypass color, apply false color mode

User Interface

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Chinese

Computer /
Operating System


  • Daily Activation License Mode

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