Pomfort False Color LUT Creator

Create customized false color LUTs to tailor your Livegrade setup to any project requirements.

What Is the Pomfort False Color LUT Creator?

Are you a Livegrade user, constantly applying its false color mode to asses exposure on set? The Pomfort False Color LUT Creator is a free web application that allows you to generate a 1D-LUT with individual ranges to be downloaded and imported into your Livegrade instance. Refine your setup according to your specific needs!

Scroll below the embedded application to learn more about the false color method. We also illustrate some exemplary use cases when a custom false color LUT might be helpful.

Pomfort False Color LUT Creator

Set Your Custom Ranges to Best Cover Your Needs.

How to use the tool?

Start with choosing one of the pre-defined ranges, and from there, add, edit or delete ranges to create your custom false color LUT. Hit the “Save to Local Storage” button, and your new LUT will appear in the "Custom" sidebar category. Please note that your creation will be deleted when emptying your browser’s cache.

Happy with the result and ready to move on? Hit “Download” and save it on your workstation. Learn how to import the file into your Livegrade instance in our Knowledge Base.
If you want to use your LUT in tools other than Livegrade, remember that the created LUT is intended to be applied on a black-and-white image.

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What is false color?

In film production, exposure needs to be spot-on, determining the quality of the footage and flexibility given in post-production. One method to evaluate a video signal’s correct exposure is false color: Different exposure levels within a given frame are translated into a representative color displayed as an overlay. While interpreting video scopes such as a waveform might be challenging and needs lots of practice, false color is more accessible as it corresponds directly with the details in the frame. Both Livegrade Pro and Studio come with a built-in false color mode.

How to apply false color?

False color indicates specific luma ranges within an image, usually given in IRE values from 0 to 100. Most commonly, red color points to areas that tend to clip in the highlights, whereas purple ranges mark clipping in the shadows. Further colors in the scheme often indicate ideal IRE values for medium grey or skin tones. Remembering the underlying log-encoded format is the most important aspect when applying false color. Every format is different and needs another way of being interpreted. Livegrade includes presets for the most common log-encoded formats, such as ARRI LogC4 or SONY Slog3.

3 use cases worth to create your custom false color

  • Custom False Color Use Case 03

    Adapt Ranges to Your Needs

    If your show look needs to be very precise on exposing specific luma values, take an existing preset and add custom ranges as they best cover your needs. In this example, the ARRI LogC4 preset was used, complemented by ranges to indicate different luma values of the sky.

  • Custom False Color Use Case 01

    Consistent False Color Schemes

    Switching between different cameras and their respective log-encoded formats might be confusing, as each format has a different false color scheme to remember. The False Color LUT Creator lets you choose a particular preset to stick to the correct IRE ranges but adapt the false color scheme to what you are most familiar with. (See example: ARRI LogC4 / maintained values of LogC4 but adapted to Sony false color scheme).

  • Custom False Color Use Case 02

    HDR Workflows

    Shooting HDR needs delicate handling, according to the requirements of viewing devices. Define custom false color ranges for HDR signals to focus on specific levels, such as 100-nits that is often used for diffuse white.

Enhance your setup

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