Checksum-Based Verification of Travel Drives

The one-button process that ensures the completeness
and consistency of media data.

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Why Pomfort SealVerify?

Reliable Process for Travel Drives

Pomfort SealVerify plays a crucial role during the ingest process in post-production or digital lab facilities. It is tailored to one task: Easily verifying the completeness and consistency of data received from set.

Pomfort SealVerify comes as a free GUI software for Windows and OS X, that is based on open-source software.

Reliable Process for Travel Drives

End-to-End Verification

End-to-End Verification

When you use Silverstack for offloading, checksums are created during offload and stored in MHL files. The Pomfort sealing process adds a Pomfort Seal file which ensures that consistency and completeness can be checked at any time, no matter how many generations of copies you make.

MHL + Sealing

MHL + Sealing

Get to Know the Technology Behind

MHL stands for “Media Hash List” and is a checksum-based, open-source procedure to ensure that the complete media is transferred without any alterations. Learn more about MHL...

The sealing procedure extends MHL’s functionalities and allows Silverstack to make a full inventory list of a drive. It’s a reliable way to make sure that the content on a drive is complete, consistent, and reflects the intention of the sender any time in the future. Learn more about sealing

Command Line Verification Tool (Linux, OS X and Windows) for Media Hash List Files now Open-Source!