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The Detailed Overview.

Offload and Verification

Offload Multi-destination file copy
Copies any file type
Checksum-based verification of destinations
Wildcards for automatic, custom folder structures
Custom card name on offload
Offload templates with destinations and settings
Copy and Verification Process Multi-destination file copy (number of destinations not limited)
Parallel execution of multiple copy jobs
Checksum creation on reading of source
Checksum options: MD5, SHA1, xxhash
Verification of destinations via checksums
Additional source verification for detection of unreliable camera cards
Options for verification coverage
Warning on not enough space on destination
Job Management Offload processes run simultaneously and independently
Cancel and resume copy and verification jobs
File Structure Wildcards for path components such as project name, date and time, group / shooting day
Preview of file paths
Media Scanning Detection of camera file formats of professional film cameras
Display of number of clips and number of files on camera card
Detection of duplicate clips (already copied clips)
Format-specific ingest preferences
Volume Management Automatic detection of media cards
Unmounting of volumes without going through Finder
Hiding of unused volumes


Report Formats PDF, CSV, HTML
Direct print option
Files Report Extensive summary of file size and backups
Running time, timecode, and format information of supported camera and audio formats*
List of all offloads
Based on selected group or entire project
Files Report Configuration Column selection via presets for table layout of report
Filter by clips or clips and files
Offloads Report Contains a summary of file sizes and clip duration
Table of files
Based on selected offload or all offloads in group or project
Offloads Report Configuration Enable / disable summary boxes in report

Offload Library

Stored History of All Offloads Database for storing all offload-related information
Offloads managed by project and group / shooting day
Summary information about success and status of offloads
Offload information: volume names, number of clips and files, copy and verification dates
Job detail information about every file copied
Management Features Renaming of projects and groups
Moving offloads from one group to another group

Library Transfer

Transfer of Metadata to Silverstack XT and Silverstack Lab File and Clip Metadata (inc. camera metadata)
Transfer Based in Groups and Cards

Clip Detection

Clip detection and clip information is available in reports for the following camera formats:

ARRIRAW ARRI Alexa (.ari)
ARRI Alexa Mini (.mxf)
ARRI Amira (.mxf)
ARRI Alexa 65 (.ari)
ARRI Alexa LF (.ari)
ARRI Alexa 65
Blackmagic RAW Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro 4.6K
Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
AVC-Intra Panasonic Varicam
Canon XF Movies Canon C300 Mk. I & II
Canon C500
Canon C700 and C700 FF
Canon C200
Canon XF-HEVC Canon XF705
Canon MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (.mts) Canon C100
Canon Cinema Raw Light (.crm) Canon C200 and C200B
Bolex D16
Generic Image Sequences JPEG
H.264 Quicktime Movies Canon DSLR
GoPro Hero
Nikon DSLR
Kinefinity KineRAW (.krw) TERRA 4K/5K/6K
KineMAX 6K
Panasonic DNG RAW Panasonic Varicam LT (with Convergent Design Odyssey7Q+)
ProRes Quicktime Movies AJA KiPro
ARRI Alexa / Alexa LF
ARRI Alexa Mini
ARRI Amira
RED cameras
Panasonic Varicam
Sony Venice
Atomos Ninja and Samurai
Codex Action Cam
Convergent Design Odyssey
REDCODE RED Weapon Dragon 6K, Weapon Helium 8K S35,
Weapon Monstro 8K VV
RED Raven 4.5K
RED Scarlet-X, Scarlet Dragon, Scarlet-W 5K
RED Epic-X, Epic Dragon, Epic-W 8K
XAVC Sony F5/F55, Venice
XAVC S Sony a7S


User Interface English

System Requirements

Computer Intel Mac
Operating System Mac OS X 10.13 or newer

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