Media Asset Management

Silverstack, XT and Lab enable a consistent and integrated media asset management for handling source media, looks, audio as well as transcoded dailies on film sets. Silverstack Cloud improves the overall data transparency in film production by letting units and departments share and access project metadata online.

Offload Manager
Backup & Reports

Data Management

Silverstack XT
Data Management

Silverstack Lab
Data & Dailies
Secure and simple 
offload and backup
Comprehensive offload reports
Customizable metadata and thumbnail reports  
Clip metadata library with export to third-party tools *
Upload project to Silverstack Cloud  
Native playback and QC  
HD-SDI output    
Professional video scopes    
Advanced RAW formats support (Sony X-OCN etc.)    
High performance dailies transcoding      
Advanced dailies configuration      
Dailies color grading      
Automated look matching (with Livegrade Pro & Studio)      
Automated audio sync      
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* for export to Silverstack XT and Silverstack Lab only


Digital Film Productions generate huge amounts of data every day. All data needs to be backed up securely. The Silverstack Offload Manager is a highly secure and yet very simple tool for offloading and backing up camera footage.

Camera Backups and Reports – Simple and Secure.

The Silverstack Offload Manager is a highly secure and yet very simple tool for offloading and backing up camera footage.

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Data Management

Movie data is a highly valuable digital asset on set. It needs to be backed up, as well as managed and organized for further use. The professional data management software Silverstack ensures that all data is secured, structured and instantly accessible at any time.

Clever Media Management for Film Productions.

With Silverstack and its extended version Silverstack XT you are always prepared, you never lose data, and you store and retrieve data fast.

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Data Management + Dailies

If you already handle footage on set, it is a small step to combine data management and dailies creation in one tool. Now there is one single software tool that lets you manage all digital assets, including transcoded clips, in one place.

The Only Dailies Software You Need.

With Silverstack Lab you can copy and back up your movie data and create dailies at the same time in one tool.

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Your Production Data Always Within Reach.

The Silverstack Cloud gives you complete insights into your current and archived production data – any time and from any location.

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Checksum Based Verification of Travel Drives

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