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Version 3.8 adds interactive grade control for more ARRI cameras and ScopeStream support for FSI devices. See more here!

Benefit from LiveGrade Pro

Bring Color to Your Film Set and into Your Dailies.

LiveGrade Pro is the standard software for look management on set and beyond. Its complete scalability and superior integration with various camera workflows and setups have made it an integral part of TV, commercial and cinema productions.

Around the globe DITs and DOPs rely on LiveGrade Pro to simplify their creative workflow and enhance on-set collaboration.

  • "With LiveGrade it is easier to gain greater creative control at the highest level of quality, even under demanding budgetary constraints."

    Dan Kanes (Local 600 DIT)

  • "Just trying out the LiveGrade Pro v3 […] and I’m excited for it!"

    Andy Bader (USA)

  • "LiveGrade [...] from Pomfort. Exciting new features. THE universal standard for DITs and live look creation."

    Ben Schwartz (USA)

Let Footage Look Amazing Already on Set

Use the Leading Software for Look Management.

Previewing and working with digital looks right at the film set is an easy way to enhance the efficiency of production workflows, and to achieve better creative control over your images. LiveGrade Pro is the powerful tool for creating, managing and sharing digital looks.

With LiveGrade Pro you can easily create and manipulate looks, and apply them to your live image. This allows the fast and precise review of your camera image – which leads to the desired results as early as possible in any kind of production environment.

When you are ready to prepare for post production, LiveGrade Pro’s abilities to export looks in various ways empower you to visually communicate the cinematographer’s and director’s intent. Make the digital look part of the creative production process from the beginning.

Customer story

LiveGrade was the best tool for the job. Grading live was key, and there is no better product out there to do so.

Smooth Workflows for “Deadpool” – Part 1: Main Unit DIT Mitch Bax

The Hollywood blockbuster “Deadpool” was the surprise hit in theatres in 2016. What might have been just another superhero movie, turned out to be a witty and refreshingly ironic movie. As a stylish superhero movie, “Deadpool” comes in a distinct look, that required a smooth workflow for media and color. Mitch Bax, who worked as digital imaging technician on the Main Unit, revealed to us his way of handling data and color on set, using his notebook and both Silverstack and LiveGrade.

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Maximize Your Workflow Efficiency from End to End

Be Closer to Your Final Outcome from the Beginning.

LiveGrade Pro’s ability to manage looks already from the beginning of the production process makes it easy to connect your team through a highly transparent and efficient production workflow. Having look information available at every point of production creates consistency across your workflow and simplifies the finishing of each production step.

Maintain Ultimate Control over Your Image

Maintain Ultimate Control over Your Image

Make Your Color Ideas an Essential Part of Production.

LiveGrade Pro is the easiest way to ensure a high level of creative control right from the start. Even under demanding budgetary and time constraints the looks from shooting can easily be communicated visually and as metadata from the set to post production facilities. By doing so, you make sure that the look concept of the DP and director serves as the basis for the following production steps.

White Paper: Benefit from On-set Looks in Dailies Creation

Learn how to implement a streamlined dailies workflow with Silverstack Lab and LiveGrade Pro.

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Facilitate Collaboration Along the Production Process

Easily Manage and Share Your Colors.

Facilitate Collaboration Along the Production Process

LiveGrade Pro allows you to quickly export and share colors. Every look you create or import will automatically be stored in LiveGrade Pro’s Look Library. The library contains image references, color information and additional look metadata, such as time code. Share all information with your team by creating detailed look reports in PDF to ensure everyone works on the same information basis.

To apply your looks instantly in subsequent production steps, make use of LiveGrade Pro’s capabilities to export look information in standardized formats such as ASC-CDL and 3D-LUT files. This enables having looks wherever needed, which makes the overall production process simpler and faster.

LiveGrade Pro Works Well with Others

Besides a wide range of hardware devices and industry standards LiveGrade Pro also integrates with a lot of 3rd party applications such as:

Divergent Media Scopebox

LiveGrade Pro integrates with ScopeBox. Add a variety of software emulations of classical video scopes like waveform and vectorscope to your setup.

See ScopeBox website...

Assimilate Scratch

Easily transfer color metadata to Assimilate Scratch and match it to your clips. Bring your workflow even to the next level by bringing Silverstack into this setup.

See Assimilate website...

Choose your Hardware and Setup

Stay Flexible with a Wide Range of Devices.

LiveGrade Pro unifies HD and UHD/4K color creation workflows by supporting a wide range of devices – from LUT box devices such as Flanders Scientific's BoxIO, Teradek's COLR, Blackmagic Design's HDLink*, or WOWOW IS-mini (formerly Fujifilm IS-mini)**, as well as cameras and monitors with color correction capabilities such as the ARRI Alexa SXT, Alexa Mini, and Alexa 65, Sony F65, Panasonic Varicam 35/HS, the FSI DM monitors or the Canon DP-V series.

You can control LiveGrade Pro with panel controllers from Tangent and Avid, and with the free app "LiveGrade Pro Remote" (works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad).

For capturing HD-SDI live signals, Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio, Mini Recorder and Decklink cards are supported. HD-SDI output is also possible by using devices from the AJA T-TAP, AJA IO and AJA KONA families.

See the whole list of supported devices...

* Drivers by Blackmagic Design for HDLink are compatible up to OS X 10.10.

** WOWOW requires an additional device license file for use in LiveGrade Pro (per IS-mini device) that can be purchased from within the LiveGrade Pro application.


Customers Worldwide Rely on Pomfort's Cutting-Edge Technology.

The most valuable proof of LiveGrade Pro's performance are our customers' projects.

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