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  • "Lab will be used on all projects where our main DIT station goes."

    Karlis Jaunzems, Cineunit

Silverstack Lab's Audio Sync

Automatic and Manual Audio Sync

Merge Video and Audio Files by Timecode or Slate.

When audio is recorded independently from video in a separate audio recorder, these different assets need to be combined back before creating rushes or dailies. When timecodes of camera and audio recorder run in sync, automatic matching is possible. But sometimes also the manual process of syncing at a clapper board is required.

Let Silverstack automatically match and sync audio clips to video clips when timecode is in sync. Easily slip external audio clips and batch edit TC offsets across a video bin. Use the slate information from within the audio files for setting scene and take names. Manually add audio tracks to video clips and set slate markers in audio and video clips for defining manual sync positions. Create a proper stereo mix by leveling, panning, or muting audio tracks.

Silverstack Lab's grid view

Maintaining a Consistent Look

Grade Matching of Multiple Clips with the Grid View.

Providing dailies in a consistent look makes life in editorial much easier. When the exposure, tint, or contrast of the different clips of a scene is varying too much, the flow of an assembled scene might get disturbed simply by the varying look of the single shots.

Use Silvertack's Grid View for displaying multiple clips at once. In your timeline or clip collection select the clips, that shall appear in a grid filling the screen or HD-SDI output. Interactively create a consistent look for lots of clips by switching between individual clips of the grid for grade interaction.

Maintaining a robust and automated workflow for preparing audio is essential in a streamlined dailies process. Silverstack offers a reliable and transparent way to bring audio and video together – which is part of a tailored feature set for a streamlined dailies creation process.

Matching grades to a reference from pre-production or between different cameras or lighting conditions is one of the main tasks when creating dailies. In addition to the powerful grading controls and look library, Silverstack offers the interactive tools to stay in control of your material.

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