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Offload Manager enables secure, transparent, and simple handling of your daily camera backups — anytime, for any budget.
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What is Offload Manager?

The reliable backup software for your film production.

  • Securely offload and back up any file type. Files are all copied using common checksum methods.
  • Document your work by automatically creating reports with one of two report types.

All You Need

Multi-format and multi-destination backup of camera cards. Document all offloaded media in clearly structured reports.


Highly secure handling of footage based on the proven Silverstack technology — with reliable and trustful data verification.


Simple and highly transparent backup of camera footage. Easily trace and control media at any time.

Offload Camera Footage

It Has Never Been More Simple and Secure.

Offload Manager simplifies copy tasks of professional camera formats used in the film, commercial, and television industry.

It supports any file type. This includes all camera formats, such as RAW sequences, as well as photos, sound files, and any other production documents.

All files are copied securely using common checksum methods like xxHash, MD5, SHA1. Manifest files of the latest ASC-MHL standard can be created automatically.

Create Offload Reports with Just One Click

Document Your Daily Work.

Impress team members with clearly structured and automatically created offload reports. Choose between two report types and select the one that fits your needs best.

The reports are the record of your work. They document and prove that all data has been transferred securely and confirm that the job has been done correctly.

Having all copied media documented in one report simplifies and speeds up the handover of footage to editorial.

Create Offload Reports with Just One Click
One advantage of Offload Manager is that it’s simple enough to teach to someone who’s not familiar with crc checks and so on, and we can be confident that our data will be safe.
Alex Cardon, Editor

Parallel Offloading from Multiple Sources

Speed Up Your Copy Tasks.

Backing up files with Offload Manager is getting even faster, as you can now copy from multiple sources simultaneously.

Simply connect your card readers or source drives to the computer, choose how many copy jobs you want to run in parallel, and Offload Manager will do the rest for you.

No matter if you need to offload from one, two, or more sources: With Offload Manager, you can handle all of them at once – quickly and securely.

Offload Manager Integrates Well With Silverstack XT

Transfer Your Project.

During every offload, the camera metadata is extracted and stored in the background. All metadata can be comprehensively transferred to Silverstack XT and Silverstack Lab. After transferring your project to Silverstack XT, you can playback, QC, and manage all metadata as needed.

Get to know Silverstack
Offload Manager is great [...] for more simple jobs that don’t require (or have the financial resources) for a full DIT but only do basic data management on set.
I love it!
Niels Christensen, DI / On-Line Editor

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Offload Manager

Offload Manager enables secure, transparent, and simple handling of your daily backups - any time, any budget.

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Introduction to Offload Manager

For Any Production, Any Budget.

Offload Manager is a highly secure and easy to use application for backing up camera footage and creating offload reports on the film set.

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