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Simplified Clip and Look Matching

Collect and transfer look metadata, and create reports

For creating color-graded dailies, looks created in Livegrade Pro can be exported to Silverstack for automatic matching with source clips, or directly imported in grading tools such as DaVinci Resolve. Livegrade Pro also creates PDF reports with all looks (including CDL look information) for reference.

When using the capture feature of Livegrade Pro to create frame grabs, Livegrade Pro can extract timecode information for simplified matching with source clips, as well as comprehensive camera metadata such as white balance and exposure information from the HD-SDI live signal.

With thumbnail images for visual reference, technical information such as timecode and white balance as well as manually editable slate information, the association with source files from the camera is as easy as never before, and ambiguity is reduced to a minimum. Communication overhead is reduced and dailies creation becomes much faster.

Capture Live Images for Reference

Record movies and make frame grabs with current looks for later comparison.

In order to maintain the overall look over the entire duration of a project, it is very helpful to have records of older shots at hand for reference.

Livegrade Pro can capture live HD-SDI signals as QuickTime ProRes files (at configurable quality and bitrates) or as high resolution TIFF images and stores camera metadata for later review. The stored clips can be use in Livegrade Pro's split view side-by-side with the current live signal for precisely matching the current look.

Having footage from the entire project at hand at any time directly within Livegrade Pro makes it easy to maintain the look of a project. Different lenses or optical filters can always introduce color-casts – but in direct comparison with other footage you can make sure that the grades of different scenes always match.

Use Camera-Specific "log2video" LUTs

Livegrade ships with a broad set of camera-specific LUTs.

Technical LUTs provided by camera manufactures convert “log” camera signals to Rec.709 for previewing on-set. This lays the base for creating and refining creative LUTs.

Livegrade includes essential technical LUT presets for cameras such as Alexa Log-C, Amira Log-C, Canon C-Log, REDlogFilm, as well as SLog2, and SLog3 and Vlog.

Applying technical as well as creative 3D LUTs directly on set helps to adjust signals of different cameras, to better master critical focus, spot lighting and exposure situations, and generally avoid the effort to “fix it in post”.

Control Livegrade Pro Remotely

Use the easy-to-use wireless remote control on the iPhone.

During the interaction with members of the production team it is somtimes crucial to have access to the software also from the distance.

Livegrade Pro Remote turns your iPhone into a remote control surface. Connected over WiFi, it enables to select and apply different grades from the library, to bypass color, and to switch between LUT devices. The result appears interactively on any connected monitoring device.

Controlling Livegrade Pro while being away from your Computer accelerates the collaboration with DP, producers, and the director in the field. Livegrade Pro Remote is available for free at the App Store.

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