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Prepare, connect, collaborate: How to provide dailies and look files to

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Providing Prepared Production Assets and Look Files for Distribution Among the Production Team.

Involving a distributed team into the process of filmmaking is more important than ever. Pomfort integrates with’s review and collaboration platform to provide assets and looks directly from the set. Uploading assets can be used to bring dailies into editing as early as possible. When Silverstack Lab is used, sound sync and dailies grading can be applied on set already. then helps bring these assets to the editors as early as possible. The C2C interface captures production information “as it happens”. Livegrade and its cloud-counterpart ShotHub can be used to feed look files into the project in real time.

Add transcoded clips as assets to

Add transcoded clips as assets to with Silverstack Lab

Silverstack Lab is a an established software application for dailies creation and data management in professional film productions. It helps you create dailies with automated audio sync and look matching functionalities and offers various options for configuring them to your specific requirements, such as frame line and metadata burn-ins, watermarks, and all common output formats.

The software has built-in functionality to upload dailies to a selectable team and project within your connected accounts. After the upload, Silverstack Lab automatically keeps track of each clip’s location in and lets you include direct links in your clip reports.

Provide looks to C2C via ShotHub

Livegrade Pro and Livegrade Studio are the industry-standard software for live color grading on set. Both applications allow to create, apply, or modify looks while shooting. Moreover, you can save and share looks for further production steps, such as creating dailies with other software.

By using ShotHub, the Livegrade shot library, including all look information and respective metadata, is automatically synced with its cloud project. The integration of ShotHub with C2C allows you to pass on looks from Livegrade to your connected project, where every new look is instantly available as downloadable CDL.

Provide looks to

In the Cloud With

Automatic Look Transfer From Livegrade via ShotHub.

Watch’s announcement video to see the integration in action and gain an overview of all other updates to their “Camera to Cloud” system.

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