The Detailed Overview.

Only available for information from Silverstack Only available for information from Livegrade


Supported desktop applications Silverstack / Silverstack XT and Silverstack Lab (version 7 or higher)
Livegrade Pro and Livegrade Studio (version 5.2 or higher)
Upload Upload projects from desktop application
Multiple projects in folder/bin hierarchy
Clip, sidecar, and document metadata
Shot and grading metadata
Thumbnails for clips (optional)
Thumbnails for shots (optional)
Live upload of changes while desktop application is online
Changes are queued for upload while desktop application is offline
Browser Access Access uploaded projects from any modern browser
Responsive UI for desktop and mobile devices
Choose dark and light theme mode UI
Browse folder/bin hierarchy
All file storage locations and hashes
Information about grading nodes and looks
Remote Access Fetch looks in Silverstack Lab from a Livegrade cloud project (Silverstack Lab 7.2 or higher)

Silverstack Clip View

Statistics View Data summaries per library/folder/ bin
Format summaries per library/folder/ bin
Camera statistics showing data and length summaries per library/folder/bin
Table View Clips table with all metadata and thumbnails
Choose, resize, and reorder table columns
Save custom column presets from current column layout
Show only clips or clips and all documents
Collection View Visual overview of all assets with scalable thumbnails
Full Image View Full Screen Preview of all clips to scroll through

livegrade Shot View

Table View Shots table with all metadata and thumbnails
Choose, resize, and reorder table columns
Save custom column presets from current column layout
Full Image View Full Screen Preview of all shots to scroll through


Invitations Invite colleagues and team members by email address to view your project. An user account needed for invited users.
Invite users to view your project as project members
Share custom viewing presets with other members
Add contributors to upload metadata from additional computers
See and manage invited project members
Limit permission to show thumbnails for specific project members
Multiple Libraries Upload metadata from multiple computers running a supported desktop application
Each computer's library is shown as separate root folder in the project
Search among all uploaded libraries
Combined project statistics for all libraries


Export of Silverstack cloud projects Export metadata of clips as CSV with customized column layout
Save pdf of statistics view
Export Clip Reports as PDF based on presets or custom layout
Choose if production info is part of your Shooting Day or Clips Report (PDF)
REST API Metadata can be accessed through a REST API (on request)

Project Management

Project Archive Archive a project to free up active projects
Archived projects can still be accessed by all project members
Manage Change the name of the cloud project
Add a project logo
Delete projects from ShotHub

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