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Livegrade Studio v.5.3.3: QTAKE and Colorfront modules now included as free integrations! See what’s new...

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Passionately Advancing the State of the Art.

In productions with multi-camera setups, the challenges of monitoring and interacting with multiple live signals are pervasive for the camera department. In particular, live feeds and corresponding looks need to be monitored, matched, recorded and switched instantly.

Livegrade Studio is at the heart of your multi-camera setup. The software gives you advanced instruments to react quickly to immediate requests and changing situations and keep up with the fast-paced production environment on set.

Advanced Setups

Livegrade Studio lets you handle challenging multi-camera setups intuitively, with customizable control features and powerful automation.

Experienced DITs

Leverage the power of well-known functionalities of Livegrade Pro and provide a whole new level of imaging support.

Rapid Co-Operation

Advanced capabilities to interactively adjust and distribute camera live images to your team, make sure that you always stay on top of everything that happens on set.

High-End Router Control to Optimize Your DIT Infrastructure

High-End Router Control to Optimize Your DIT Setup

Switch Fast Between Multiple Sources and Destinations.

The direct router control functionality in Livegrade Studio is a real game-changer explicitly designed for fast-paced film production environments.

Interactively change and map individual video routings directly from within the software or apply and automate your specific routing configurations’ presets. With these capabilities, the software significantly reduces setup time and simplifies complex configuration tasks that make operations run smoothly.

Professional Recording for Your Multi-Camera Setup

Maximum Control, Maximum Performance, Maximum Peace of Mind.

Livegrade Studio’s recording capabilities are designed for acquiring reference material of the entire production. By configuring multiple HD-SDI capture devices, you can simultaneously record multiple video streams in high-quality Apple ProRes.

Livegrade Studio lets you easily identify all cameras’ recording status at a single glance, with convenient record indicators for all slots. Start recording single slots right the moment the action happens, or group multiple cameras together and set them to auto-record triggered by the HD-SDI signals’ rec-flag.

Professional Recording for Your Multi-Camera Setup
Bought a yearly studio license yesterday and immediately did tests matching Alexa LF and Sony Venice together! It was incredible!

Timur Gavrilenko, DIT

Powerful Grading Controls

Powerful Grading Controls

Create the Perfect Look on Set.

Livegrade Studio’s powerful grading controls let you create a perfect visualization of the DoP’s creative intent, even in demanding color workflows. The software comes with secondary color correction tools, such as the RGB Curves Node and Hue-Sat-Lum “vs.” Curves, as well as advanced, yet fully ASC CDL-compliant grading interaction types like “Lift, Gamma, Gain”, and “Printer Lights” Professional video scopes for analyzing and adjusting images, including waveform, vectorscope, and histogram enable even more precise control of your colors.

Livegrade Studio supports HDR workflows in various ways – with intelligent HDR / SDR monitoring features and support for ACES-based or custom HDR color pipelines.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Look Libraries in the Cloud

Automatically upload your looks to the cloud, provide greater transparency, easily exchange look information with your team, and simplify your dailies creation workflow.

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Advanced Productivity for the Pros

Handle Your Tasks Even Better.

Livegrade Studio takes your productivity to the next level, with features that make working in multi-camera setups simpler, faster, and even more powerful.

Choose to automate your on-set color workflow, either with in-application automation or externally via scripts.

Operate Livegrade Studio with affordable or DIY MIDI controllers. Customize the way you control Livegrade Studio to best fit your and your production’s needs.

Remotely monitor camera settings and metadata directly in the software to ensure consistency across multiple cameras.

Built-in Third-Party Integrations

The Perfect Fit for Your Workflow.

Livegrade Studio comes with seamless integrations for QTAKE and the Colorfront Film pipeline.

The QTAKE grading integration lets you adjust looks in QTAKE directly from Livegrade Studio. Therefore, QTAKE acts as a signal processing system – similar to a LUT box – controlled by Livegrade Studio. This simplifies the interaction with video assists on set.

The Colorfront Film integration supports the “Colorfront Film” color pipeline in the AJA FS-HDR device. All controls and options of the Colorfront Film pipeline are available in Livegrade Studio. This allows continuous working within the Colorfront Film pipeline from the start.

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Livegrade Studio lets you handle challenging multi-camera setups intuitively, with customizable control features and powerful automation.

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