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What is Reeltime Cinema?

Reeltime Cinema is a companion app for Pomfort's professional on-set playback system, Reeltime Pro. It extends Reeltime Pro’s options for monitoring video on physical monitors to viewing it on virtual screens with Apple Vision Pro. The Apple device runs visionOS, a spatial operating system with a unique user interaction. It seamlessly blends your physical surroundings and digital content into a unique, portable workspace. The Reeltime Cinema app applies this concept offering high-quality and customizable monitoring while also creating new possibilities for creative work and interaction on the film set.

We think our first steps with the Reeltime Cinema app already show the great potential of spatial computing for film productions. Once people start to integrate it into their workflows, it promises to mark a giant leap in the work styles on film sets.

Patrick Renner, Head of Product at Pomfort

Create New Work Styles

Blend Your Virtual Monitors With the Film Set.

With Reeltime Cinema for Apple Vision Pro, gain access to an infinite, spatial workspace. Place multiple displays with live and playback streams into your physical surroundings – wherever you want them to be and whatever size you prefer. Easily rearrange and resize them by simply using your eyes and hand gestures.

  • Personal Video Village: Set up your individual viewing environment with multiple virtual monitors for showing live video of the digital film cameras and playback of recorded clips and references sent from Reeltime Pro.
  • Interactive Monitoring on Set: Use the virtual monitors for a mobile, high-quality viewing environment while simultaneously interacting with actors and the real-world stage projected into Apple Vision Pro. Farewell to the tedious task of moving physical monitors around or squeezing them into tiny spaces.
  • Adjusts to Your Needs: The video village in your device always moves with you wherever you are on set. Easily switch between different camera streams provided by the playback operator through Reeltime Pro. Dial in immersion to the degree required for distraction-free focus for either live performance or playback. Add other Apple Vision Pro apps to view your script, shot lists, shooting schedule, or other resources you'd like to work with, and place them side-by-side to your virtual monitors.
Create New Work Styles

Immerse Yourself in the Moment

Watch Playback on a Wearable Theater Screen.

Reviewing footage in perfect viewing conditions and on large screens usually falls short on set. In rare cases, you might be able to watch dailies in a near-set lab after wrap, only adding more hours to your schedule. With Reeltime Cinema’s full-immersion mode, a cinematic experience is right at your fingertips anytime you need it. Lean back in a comfy chair, let the footage sink in – and react immediately on the set if needed.

Immerse Yourself in the Moment
  • Full-Immersive Monitoring: Enter your personal, distraction-free cinema to review recorded clips on a large, high-quality screen.
  • Big Screen Playback: Check the grander visual appearance and impact of performance, cinematography, set design, costume, and special effects. Ensure your creative intent is reflected in every single frame and ready for large screens.


How to set up Reeltime Cinema on Apple Vision Pro!

How It Works for Playback Operators

Just Another Set of Monitors.

For playback operators using Reeltime Pro, Reeltime Cinema is fed by just another set of outputs – configured for very low-latency streaming in the local wireless network. Nothing changes with setting up your streams, but the possibilities for directors and other crew multiplies. Strengthen your supportive role by offering multiple ways to experience monitoring and playback – depending on the on-set situation and personal preferences.

  • Customizability: Set up tailored views for multiple cameras and configure specific layouts, crops, filters, and metadata burn-ins in Reeltime Pro for viewing in the Reeltime Cinema app.
  • Network Streams: Reeltime Cinema receives live video and playback streams from Reeltime Pro via the on-set network using industry-standard encryption. A custom streaming protocol optimized for local wireless networks ensures very low latency and high reliability for optimal live viewing on set.
How It Works for Playback Operators
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Experience Video Playback Like Never Before.
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