Offload Manager Upgrade to Silverstack

The Offload Manager Grows With You.

Upgrade to Silverstack

All Offload Manager licenses can be upgraded to a yearly Silverstack license.

For upgrading your license, please contact:

The Silverstack Universe

Find the Best Version for Your Production.

Offload Manager
Backup & Reports

Data Management

Silverstack XT
Data Management

Silverstack Lab
Data & Dailies
Secure and simple 
offload and backup
Comprehensive offload reports
Customizable metadata and thumbnail reports  
Clip metadata library with export to third-party tools *
Upload project to ShotHub  
Native playback and QC  
HD-SDI output    
Professional video scopes    
Advanced RAW formats support (Sony X-OCN etc.)    
High-performance dailies transcoding      
Advanced dailies configuration      
Dailies color grading      
Automated look matching (with Livegrade Pro & Studio)      
Automated audio sync      
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* for export to Silverstack XT and Silverstack Lab only

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