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Involved Products

Involved Products

Pomfort’s Distributed Production Library works through a clever combination of Pomfort’s desktop applications and cloud technology. Below, you’ll find a summary of all involved products and their areas of application.

Operated by You

Running ShotHub and Silverstack Lab at your workspace in the facility forms the backbone of Pomfort’s Distributed Production Library. It enables you to access and work with supplied on-set data.

Operated by the On-Set Crew

Pomfort’s desktop applications for Media Asset Management and Digital Imaging are standard on film sets worldwide. Authorizing the responsible DIT to connect to your ShotHub project feeds their gathered data straight into Pomfort’s Distributed Production Library, where it becomes available for further distribution and processing.

laptop running Silverstack

Offloading and Media Asset Management

Silverstack is the number one desktop application for data management on set. It facilitates key tasks of the DIT, like offloading and backing up camera footage while automatically extracting and structuring metadata in a central clip library. Many report types are available to document completed work.

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laptop running Silverstack Lab

Media Asset Management and Dailes on Set

Silverstack Lab enables DITs to not only manage media but also create dailies directly on set. Its fully automated audio sync and look matching functionality, the high-performance transcoding engine, and powerful third-party integrations make it indispensable to the work of film professionals worldwide.

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laptop running Livegrade Studio

Advanced Digital Imaging

Livegrade Studio is the most comprehensive application for technical monitoring and creative visualization of camera images on set, enabling production teams to make more informed creative decisions. Grading modes for all industry-standard color pipelines further ensure a seamless color workflow from set to finishing.

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laptop running Livegrade Pro

Look Management on Set

Livegrade Pro is the industry-standard software for color grading camera live signals, enabling visualization and sharing of the DP’s and Director’s creative intent. Applying looks on set and making them instantly available for dailies creation saves time and leads to better image results.

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