Dynamic Lens Metadata

Track, adjust, export: How Pomfort enables extended metadata workflows with Zeiss CP.3 XD and Zeiss Supreme Prime lenses.

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Unlock the Full Power of the ZEISS eXtended Data Workflow

laptop running Livegrade Pro

Livegrade Pro: Preview the Lens Filter.

Livegrade Pro is the standard software for look management on set and beyond. The software makes it possible to easily create and manipulate looks, and apply them to the live image. Using ZEISS eXtended Data with the live image, you can interactively adjust distortion and shading. Changes to the lens filter can be seen instantly on the live image, and are automatically tracked in the look library.

laptop running Silverstack

Silverstack XT: Manage Lens Metadata.

Silverstack XT is the well-known software for on-set data management in all kinds of professional film productions. A broad set of features including copying, playback, and reporting enables the user to backup, preview and prepare movie data right on the film set. In Silverstack XT, you can automatically match the dynamic lens metadata from your ZEISS lens with recorded material via timecode information. All the information can easily be exported to DaVinci Resolve, where you can then continue with your established workflow.

Technical Requirements

Hardware Setup

  • Lens: ZEISS CP.3 XD lens or ZEISS Supreme Prime Lenses
  • Interface device: MasterLockit Plus
  • Mac with macOS 10.10 or newer


  • Silverstack XT (or Silverstack Lab) 6.2 or newer
  • Livegrade Pro 3.9 or newer


The features of the Pomfort Workflow for ZEISS CP.3 XD lenses are currently available in the following software versions:

Livegrade Pro

v6.4.2 (dmg, 232 MB)

Silverstack XT

v8.7.2 (dmg, 310 MB)

* When launching Silverstack XT for the first time, select “Silverstack XT” in the pop-up window that asks you which product version you want to work with.

Overview: The Pomfort Workflow for
ZEISS CP.3 XD Lenses

For ZEISS CP.3 XD owners: All information in one handy PDF.

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Learn More About the Software and Its Integration With the ZEISS CP.3 XD Lenses.

ZEISS CP.3 XD Lens Correction: Workflow Overview

The CP.3 eXtended data (CP.3 XD) lenses by ZEISS provide extended metadata for digitally correcting images concerning optical shading and distortion deviations. Pomfort’s applications Livegrade Pro and Silverstack provide functionality to leverage this extended metadata for on-set preview (Livegrade Pro) and data management (Silverstack).

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