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Do you want to get started in the industry or take your skills to the next level? To support aspiring and established industry professionals alike, Pomfort relies on educational programs, training sessions, and industry workshops facilitated by industry experts, unions, and other leading companies worldwide. To learn more about the operation and benefits of managing your projects with Pomfort software, find a comprehensive overview of opportunities below.

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AbelCine (US)

Live Training - Online Lessons - Custom Training

AbelCine is a significant provider of film equipment, services, and knowledge in the US. Training and workshops for industry professionals are regularly held at its three locations in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Their in-house education team typically focuses on Livegrade during DIT and digital cinema camera workshops. A larger group of affiliate instructors that are all experienced DITs can also offer specific training on Silverstack and ShotHub. Depending on your needs, either sign up for a scheduled program or request a custom training.


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ARRI Academy (US, GER)

Live Training - Online Lessons - Custom Training

ARRI Academy offers various multi-day training courses, individual sessions and educational events in different countries and languages worldwide. The goal is to help users of all abilities to gain hands-on knowledge of ARRI products and workflows. All Certified Camera Trainings in person involve Pomfort software for hands-on experiences while online trainings foucs on specific features in Livegrade.


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Gaiamount Academy (CN)

Live Training - Online Lessons - Custom Training

Gaiamount was established by Zunzheng Digital Video Co. located in Shenzhen and runs an online platform offering DIT-related software courses including all Pomfort applications but also live trainings focusing on Livegrade.




Exclusive Training for Members

IATSE is the North American labour union representing over 160,000 technicians, artisans, and craftspersons in the entertainment industry. Within the U.S. and Canada, there are more than 360 Local Unions and many of them offer exclusive training for their members refering to Pomfort software.


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REDucation (US)

Live Training - Online Lessons - Custom Training

RED Digital Cinema helps film professionals to develop hands-on, industry specific skills through REDUCATION. It’s tailored for all skill levels, from students to working professionals. Application knowledge of RED’s entire RAW workflow process, from digital acquisition through post production is taught by industry professionals. Sign up for a 4-day live workshop or virtual class. Both formats include information about the benefits of using Pomfort Livegrade and Silverstack but no hands-on experience.


Want to Get Listed or Use Our Software in Your Training?

Get in touch with our sales team! We constantly expand our network to support the ever-evolving role of the DIT. We offer individual support for workshops, trainings and educational programs, depending on your specific requirements. Contact us via e-mail contact@pomfort.com, and become part of our global network!

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While the Pomfort team mostly focuses on developing and improving our software to make your life easier, we still manage to constantly produce helpful resources and insights to be published on our website.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Delve Into the Details.

Find an extensive, clearly structured documentation of all Pomfort products in the Knowledge Base. Start by getting an overview of all features, learn more about specific ones and follow step-by-step instructions to master your jobs on set and beyond.

Knowledge Base

Workflow Illustrations

Get Inspired by What’s Possible.

Learn more about well-proven and visionary workflows such as ACES or virtual production, and how the involvement of Pomfort applications enhances your project’s productivity.


Knowledge Base

Pomfort Blog

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Our blog’s editorial team constantly provides insights into the daily work with media and color on the film set and beyond. From hardware to software, essential and new technologies alike, expert know-how, and production insights, we try to cover every aspect of media asset management, look creation, and cloud-based collaboration.

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