The free iOS App for Professional Look Creation

LiveGrade Air allows to create and exchange color-ideas by just using an iPad or iPhone

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Color Correction

Look Creation Color correction of still images
Innovative multi-touch grading controls
3D-LUT presets ("log-to-video") for common digital film cameras
Processing Filter pipeline contains ASC-CDL filter and and 3D-LUT filter
High-precision, 16-bit processing pipeline

Look Management

Still Library Organize stills and looks in projects and groups
Stills can be selected as a reference for comparison with current grade
Metadata can be stored (e.g. slate information)
Import and Export of Looks Import and export of images: JPG, PNG, TIFF (8-bit and 16-bit) for import, JPG for export
Import and export of ASC-CDL files
Multi-export for exporting multiple looks at once
LiveGrade Air exchange format
Import of zip files containing multiple stills
Import files directly from Dropbox


Workflow Bundle Import and export of 3D-LUTs (.cube files)
Display calibration for exact image display
False color mode for high-precision image evaluation
Teradek Cube Live Image Color correction of live streams
Receive and color-correct a camera's live image via Wifi
Panasonic Varicam Look Control Interactive, Remote Look Manipulation of Panasonic Varicam Cameras
Preview Look in Camera and Store Look in Media Files' Metadata
Flanders Scientific DM Monitor Series Look control Interactive, Remote Look Manipulation of DM250, DM240 and DM170 FSI monitor models


Tutorial Includes tutorial for first steps
Sample Library Sample library with stills and looks available for download from within the app

System Requirements

Device iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Operating System iOS 8 or newer


LiveGrade Air is ColorTRUE Aware providing color accurate viewing. Simply calibrate with the X-Rite calibration with the X-Rite ColorTRUE app (requires X-Rite calibration device). When finished, ColorTRUE automatically shares the calibration with LiveGrade Air for accurate color viewing.

Learn more about ColorTRUE: Need a device? Visit

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