DP Paul Cameron Talks About the Value of Looks on Set

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DP Paul Cameron Talks About the Value of Looks on Set

Director of Photography Paul Cameron’s filmography reads like the list of every big action thriller you’ve got on your DVD and Blu-Ray shelf. He has worked on big feature films like Swordfish or Collateral, and one of his latest projects, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, is coming to the big screens soon.

One of 2016’s most critically acclaimed new TV series was HBO’s Westworld, and again Paul Cameron created the look of the show’s award nominated pilot.

In the following video by Teradek Cameron talks about developing the look for Westworld which ranges from all shiny to very dark due to its diverse settings in the near future and the Wild West of the 19th century at the same time.


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Paul Cameron explains how managing looks, seamless workflows, and a quick setup are crucial for a DP’s work. For example he mentions shooting situations where it can be necessary to start communicating with the DIT via LUTs before you even meet on set. Real time adjustments to the prepared LUTs via ASC-CDL  allow the DP to be in full control over the look of individual scenes all the time.

Paul Cameron’s conclusion for aspiring DPs is to not worry too much about the technical details. There are tools to make work easier. The COLR Duo by Teradek and LiveGrade Pro certainly do, to name just two. So take advantage of them and follow Cameron’s advice: “Be fearless and bold. Create great pictures.”

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