Bring Livegrade Studio to the disguise Virtual Production Workflow

Livegrade Studio Integrates With disguise Designer For Enhanced Virtual Production Workflows

While virtual production technology opens up a new world of creative possibilities, filmmakers face new challenges due to transformed production processes and roles on set. Therefore Pomfort and disguise recently teamed up to reduce technical barriers between Livegrade Studio’s established on-set color grading workflow and the disguise virtual production workflow to enhance efficiency in the filmmaking process. Pomfort’s Livegrade Studio now integrates with the disguise Designer software enabling color grading of the visuals on the stage’s LED wall via CDL adjustments.

Gaining Control and Efficiency With a Familiar Tool

The integration enables Digital Imaging Technicians and color specialists to control any number of CDLs in a Designer project using Livegrade Studio’s proven feature set for look creation and technical color corrections. Conveniently grade the visuals on the LED wall in real time without diving into another software or giving up the physical controls your muscle memory is used to – such as grading panels or custom knob mappings. 

„As roles and responsibilities evolve with the development of virtual production, we constantly refine our software accordingly to keep up on Pomfort’s mission to make the life of Digital Imaging Technicians easier by supplying them with tools that directly serve their needs.“

Wanja Nolte, Livegrade Studio Product Manager

Livegrade Studio and disguise Designer link simply via a network connection. First, add the disguise system in Livegrade Studio’s device manager, enter the IP address of the disguise system, load the CDL list of your current disguise Designer project and add the desired CDL to your slot in Livegrade Studio. Then, use the CDL and saturation nodes for color adjustments of the LED wall.

Within Designer, ensure that color management is set to ACES in the project settings and add one or more CDL layers. Map each CDL layer to a content layer, such as a Video or RenderStream layer, using the standard Alt drag gesture. Alternatively, define the CDL directly on a Video layer itself. These CDLs are then available for control via Livegrade Studio, and will reflect any adjustments you make within Livegrade Studio in real time.

Breaking New Ground Within a Proven System

Integrating Livegrade Studio with disguise Designer also empowers the camera department to keep up their proven collaborative approach to realize the DP’s visual intent. It cuts down communication overhead while still gaining access to the disguise virtual production workflow. The DP and DIT can maintain their established iteration processes for both, adjusting the colors of the background LED wall and of the camera live signal. Working in one station with the same proven workflow helps to ensure the blending of foreground action and background into one seamless outcome.

“The integration with Livegrade Studio represents a significant step in disguise’s mission to democratize virtual production by reducing barriers to industry growth. By partnering with industry-leading innovators like Pomfort, we can simplify color workflows for complex creative visions whilst ensuring users can leverage the power of disguise within their known workflow.”

Camilla Powell, disguise Product Manager

Learn more about disguise

disguise globally provides creative and technical professionals with a technology platform to imagine, create and deliver spectacular visual experiences for live events, fixed installations, broadcast shows, and virtual production stages in filmmaking. The platform unites hardware and software components into a cutting-edge virtual production workflow. With the disguise Designer software technical professionals plan, design and transfer visual content onto the LED wall. 

Designer sits at the core of the disguise virtual production workflow, integrating camera tracking and real-time engines to create a virtual environment that is visible both live on set and directly in-camera. A recent Technology and Engineering Emmy Award winner, disguise is a powerful toolkit for winning pitches, developing storyboards, creating camera fly-throughs, validating content, testing technical setups, and designing entire projects. Its timeline-based user interface allows you to build a 3D model of your LED volume, then bring in your real-time content and map it onto the simulated LED environment.

disguise fully supports the ACES color pipeline, effectively compositing any video, live camera, or virtually rendered content onto LED screens, without the need to re-render the content into a specific color space. disguise’s color calibration feature will also run through the full color gamut of the LED screen and learn the response of the camera’s sensor so it can adapt content and achieve seamless synchronization across the physical and virtual sets.

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System Requirements:

disguise Designer r22
Livegrade Studio 6.3.3 – Get your 10-days free trial now!