Pomfort introduces ShotHub

The new cloud solution unlocks the full potential of metadata libraries uploaded from Silverstack and Livegrade.

Munich (October 13th, 2020) – Pomfort, a leading provider of professional software applications for digital media assets and color management in motion picture and broadcast production, today announced the immediate availability of Pomfort ShotHub. The new cloud solution automatically makes movie data available across all production units and departments in a structured and timely way. Accessing Silverstack and Livegrade projects via ShotHub enables overall data transparency and agile workflows across locations.

Pomfort ShotHub is a cloud solution that is specifically designed to automatically collect, connect and share all relevant information about camera footage and on-set looks from both desktop applications Silverstack and Livegrade. With this approach, for the first time Pomfort makes all clip metadata and looks information remotely available and creates the ideal framework for effective and seamless production processes. Rich shooting data can be instantly monitored by invited users from any device and can be exchanged out of single shared data base in the cloud.

As film production is a distributed process, shooting is usually spread over several locations or split into shifts. Silverstack and Livegrade users can now instantly transfer camera and look metadata to ShotHub. On top of that authorised team members can also contribute their libraries from other instances of Silverstack or Livegrade. This way teamwork and communication about projects gets much easier if shooting data is accessible in the same interface both for reference and interaction.

In case productions need to work with more than one instance of Silverstack they can even synchronise clip libraries in ShotHub. Having the same status on all Silverstack desktop applications without manually merging libraries simplifies and accelerates the collaboration and the distribution of tasks to different team members as everyone relevant is instantly in the loop.

Digital Image Technicians who use Livegrade in combination with Silverstack benefit from a seamless transfer of grading information. Specifically, when creating dailies with Silverstack Lab users can easily retrieve all look information that were automatically collected in the Livegrade cloud project.

Beyond that, ShotHub cloud solution offers an unlimited archive for all Silverstack and Livegrade libraries when the projects are finished. This makes it easy to find and instantly deliver shot information from previous projects to authorised team members on request.

“This turnkey cloud solution provides users of Silverstack and Livegrade the perfect infrastructure that addresses their daily challenges in terms of project communication, project collaboration and workflow processes”, says Selina Titz, ShotHub Product Manager at Pomfort. “ShotHub tremendously helps to keep data structured across production steps and leverages the position of an on set technician as it provides a well-thought fundament for smarter collaboration – everybody is now more empowered to do their best work.”

Features in ShotHub:

Connect Livegrade to ShotHub: Automatically upload shot and look metadata to a Livegrade cloud project

Retrieve looks in Silverstack from Livegrade: Browse your Livegrade cloud project to automatically match looks for dailies creation in Silverstack Lab

• One data base across production: Invite other team members working in 2nd unit to view or contribute data to ongoing ShotHub projects

Archiving Projects: Silverstack and Livegrade cloud projects can be archived in the cloud to make data always accessible even after a project ends

Pricing and Availability

The Free Plan with basic functionality is permanently accessible. The fully featured Trial is available for 10 days.

The ShotHub Pro yearly plan is available for USD 189 / EUR 179, the monthly Pro plan comes at USD 25 / EUR 23.

ShotHub Team is available at the monthly rate of USD 129 / EUR 119. In case more than 2 current production projects are required, additional projects can be added for USD 49 / EUR 45.

ShotHub can be purchased at Pomfort’s web store (https://pomfort.com/store/). A 10-day free trial access is available.

About Pomfort

Pomfort’s innovative software products revolutionise film production workflows worldwide. Dedicated to quality and stability, Pomfort develops and markets intelligent and high-quality software applications designed to simplify major daily tasks both on set and in post production. With skill and perseverance Pomfort has established itself as a major player in the film production technology industry over the last 10 years. Customers in more than 120 countries work with Pomfort’s internationally renowned products Silverstack and LiveGrade.

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