Pomfort Unveils Reeltime Pro: Revolutionizing On-Set Video Playback

Pomfort Reeltime Pro Press Release

Media Contact: Pomfort GmbH, Mae McCreary, E: press@pomfort.com

Munich (March 6th, 2024) – Pomfort, a leading software innovator in film production processes, proudly announces the launch of Reeltime Pro, the latest breakthrough in on-set video playback technology. Accompanied by two monitoring apps for iPad/iPhone and Apple Vision Pro, the new software solution empowers playback operators to meet the complex demands of delivering live video and instant playback feeds straight to directors and their creative teams. 

Reeltime Pro enhances on-set collaboration by enabling instant review of footage shot on set. It facilitates the immediate assessment of actor performances, camera work, and other critical production elements, allowing for real-time feedback and accelerated decision-making. By integrating cutting-edge technology with user-centric design, Reeltime Pro sets a new benchmark for precision and efficiency in the field of video playback.

Pomfort’s leadership in film production software results from extensive customer and industry engagement. Reeltime Pro emerged as a direct response to the demand for a more straightforward yet highly efficient and powerful video playback solution, featuring an intuitive user interface, versatile integrations, and flexible licensing options. Shaped by real-world use cases and detailed user insights, Reeltime Pro represents a significant advancement in video playback technology.

Optimized for peak performance on the Apple silicon processors, Reeltime Pro boasts a reliable and future-proof setup. At its core, the user interface is ingeniously built around the innovative slots concept. This simplifies the management and routing of live and playback signals to multiple monitoring destinations. The software is supplemented by a robust clip library, which is the central hub for storing and retrieving recorded clips. The comprehensive library automatically organizes clips for easy access by integrating metadata and smart groups.

Reeltime Pro excels in distributing low-latency signals, both on set and beyond. It allows playback operators to maximize participation on set by delivering customized output views tailored to meet the unique requirement of each creative role, ensuring relevant images can be monitored in real-time.

The system’s versatility extends through its free companion apps: Reeltime Viewer and Reeltime Cinema. The Reeltime Viewer transforms any iPad or iPhone on set into a monitor, broadening the scope of video playback to reach every corner of the set. Reeltime Cinema, on the other hand, leverages spatial computing with Apple Vision Pro to offer a fully immersive, mobile, and customizable monitoring experience. An upcoming feature promises integration with internet streaming services, aiming to seamlessly bridge the gap between on-set teams and remote production units.

Reeltime Pro integrates existing workflows by offering connectivity to standard devices such as AJA or Blackmagic video I/O capture cards and SDI routers. Additionally, it supports control through Stream Deck devices, ensuring smooth integration and enhanced usability.

“Our team has dedicated countless hours to achieving an optimal balance of simplicity and advanced functionality,” says Wanja Nolte, Reeltime Pro Product Manager at Pomfort. “Reeltime Pro seamlessly blends a powerful recording and playback engine with flexible options and an easy-to-use interface. This ensures that playback operators can easily cater to the diverse needs of every creative role involved in the production.”

Features in Reeltime Pro: 

  • Innovative Slots Concept: Ensures low latency performance while simplifying the management and routing of live and playback signals to various monitoring destinations.
  • Tailored Output Views:  Offers customized views with multiple live and playback feeds, different composites, and video filters to support the needs of directors and other on-set roles.
  • Group Recording and Playback: Enables synced recordings and playback of video and audio in multi-camera setups, auto-record functionality for streamlined operations, and options to set in and out points during recording.
  • Comprehensive Clip Library:  Organizes recordings with customizable layouts and metadata-driven smart groups for quick retrieval.
  • Multiple UI Window Layouts: Allows for the selection of window layouts based on current tasks to minimize distractions.

For more information, visit the Reeltime Pro Product Page (pomfort.com/reeltimepro) and the Pomfort Knowledge Base (kb.pomfort.com).

Pricing and Availability  

Reeltime Pro is available as a yearly subscription starting from USD 3,299 / EUR 2.999 or as a temporary license starting from USD 329 / EUR 299.  

A 3-Channel and a 6-Channel version of Reeltime Pro are available, depending on the required amount of camera inputs.

Reeltime Pro is accessible in the web store (pomfort.com/store), with licenses available for purchase starting March 6th, 2024. 

A 10-day free trial is also available for download (pomfort.com/downloads).

System requirements: macOS 14 (Apple silicon)

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