Professional Video Scopes in Silverstack XT with ScopeBox

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Professional Video Scopes in Silverstack XT with ScopeBox

Silverstack XT 5.1 integrates with Divergent Media’s ScopeBox application which offers a variety of software emulations of classical video scopes like waveform and vectorscope plus some new ways to visualize your signal.

In combination with Silverstack XT it enables measurement and analysis of the clip assets in your Silverstack XT library. Use it for example to check your media for clipping or get instant analysis feedback on color manipulations.

> Learn how to set up Silverstack XT and ScopeBox in our detailed Knowledge Base article.

The ScopeBox integration ist part of Silverstack XT 5.1 – a free update for all subscribers of Silverstack XT!
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Get to know more:

– See the ScopeBox product page on Divergent Media’s website.
– See the introduction video by Divergent Media.

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