Silverstack’s New Feature: Understanding the Pomfort Seal

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Silverstack’s New Feature: Understanding the Pomfort Seal

The great feature of Silverstack 5.2 ist the „sealing“ of drives. The Pomfort Seal created by Silverstack ensures not only the consistency of the contained media data but also the completeness of the entire drive (without restricting the access to your files in any way).

But what exactly is this new Pomfort Seal and what can it do for you? Let’s take a closer look.

Silverstack has been storing hash values in the widely used and production-proven MHL format for a while now. What we added to Silverstack 5.2 is the exclusive capability to ensure complete coverage of all files on a drive with MHL files (also files not copied with Silverstack) and registering all the MHL in one „Pomfort Seal“ file on the drive.

With „Pomfort SealVerify“ there is a free, „one-button“ software for Windows and Mac that allows you to check at any time if the content of a drive is not only consist but also complete.

For more details on the technology behind sealing and a comparison of sealed vs unsealed drives click on the link:

> Learn More on Sealing

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